Is admitting when your're wrong a sign of strength?

Is admitting when yourre wrong a sign of strength?
People would rather be right than to know the truth, and I think we're to blame for it. I've admitted that I was wrong a couple of times but a lot of those time the person who corrected me feels the need to insult me while doing it for no reason at all, they would respond to me with "No this is what happened you fucking idiot" and when I review the facts and see, I'll admit that I'm wrong and the edgelord wannabe will respond "that's right you fucking retard."
This is why people have become dumb, they know they're wrong but they don't want to own up to it because assholes want to berate them for it, this is one of the reasons that we can never succeed as a society.

Is it a show of true strength when someone is willing to take the embarrassment of being wrong?

Does it make that person a badass?
Yes, and it's badass
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Is admitting when your're wrong a sign of strength?
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