Should I drop my best friend of 10 years?

I met this girl when we were in elementary school and we immediately became best friends. We both have rough family situations but hers is the type to not invite anyone over to her house or even host any get togethers. My house was always the go to. Anyway, she’s met my entire family (who are spread through the country) been on 8! Family/ summer/spring break vacations with me and a lot more. I’m always the person to invite her or ask to hang out. I start every single conversation whether over text or social media. I’m starting to question if this is one sided. I thought maybe at first she just wasn’t the type to reach out or take control of any situation (she doesn’t know how to do anything for herself, laundry, cooking, ordering, scheduling) . Instead of asking to hang out or straight up inviting herself, maybe she waits for me to ask? But turns out she reaches out to everyone but me. Apparently she even has a boyfriend now. Thought maybe she didn’t want to tell me because she thinks I can’t keep my mouth shut? But no because she told me to my face next time she saw me like it wasn’t a big deal (we’re 20+ year old virgins okay) and acted like I already new about it. She doesn’t tell me anything, and when I do see her she expects me to know what she’s talking about. Yes this is a long story but she is one of my 3 friends. I haven’t been in the public for the last 4 years so these 3 friendships are all I have left. And I can’t decide if I’m just not as important to her as she is to me, or if it’s something else entirely. Anyway. We haven’t spoken this entire summer which is a first because I’m trying to see how long we can go without her reaching out. And now that seems like a bad idea because she never will. So my entire summer will be spent alone waiting for her and I don’t know what to do with myself.
Should I drop my best friend of 10 years?
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