Girls, Aunt is not being reasonable?

I was over at my aunt's house and she was talking to me about the women's self defense class she is taking. I laughed and thought it was funny. She told me to not laugh because it taught her moves that could kick my butt. That made me laugh even more because she is almost 50 like 5'1'' and i'm 20 and 6'2''.

I told her there's no way any of those moves would work on me, She guaranteed that one move would definitely work. So I challenged her that she couldn't take me down with one of the moves she learned. So she says fine, but i'm gonna warn you against it.

With that we went to the living room and she said, are you ready.. then out of no where she kicks me right in the balls, I went down and she started giggling about how she was right and she only used a light kick.

How unfair is this move for an aunt to pull on her nephew, and can you believe that she was giggling
Girls, Aunt is not being reasonable?
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