Am I a bad aunt?

My niece who is 26 years old always asks me for money. Most recently she wanted me to co sign a car for her. Often times I will help her with money or in general as best I can.

However, I feel she harbors anger toward me. She ran away from home as a teen. Her mom my sister was neglectful and abusive towards her. At the time I was trying to care for my sick mother. I had planned to take her in but found she really didn't listen to me and liked to be in the streets. So, I changed my mind. Instead, I looked for a program that helped troubled teens and planned to enroll and support her through the program. She opted not to do this. Instead, spent years couch hopping with friends. Eventually, she got into trouble and spent a year in jail. I still tried to be emotionally supportive but didn't think it was a good idea for her to live with me after being released. Though I continued to help her financially and was supportive in other ways.

She recently decided to get pregnant on purpose without being financially stable in any way. She tends to reach out to me for money etc. However, she's united with her father's family and dotes on them. She also tends to lie.

Am I a bad aunt because I keep her at a distance? Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Am I a bad aunt?
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