Is it unfair to want decent plans for your birthday?

I mentioned some months back just wanting to go out for a glass of champagne nothing expecially expensive just get really glammed up to go and sit in this really posh champagne bar.
I've never done anything like that but it was the one bit of glam I wanted in my life.
Instead a booking for dinner was made at 12am via text with me the same day, I ended up falling asleep mid texts, they made the booking but it was at 9pm. In the afternoon I was then asked what time I thought we should leave out to get there in time. 😒
As we headed out I asked what time the bar was closing, since so many places appeared to be closing.
When said person checked it was closing at 9pm.
Immediately I felt disappointed.
Why hadn't they checked? They then apologised.
I didn't say anything because I didn't want to ruin the evening.
We then go on to this restaurant and as we start to order, the waitress only brings over one drink despite ordering 2.
As we order our food following her recommendations she tells me there's none of the dishes I want, left! End of the night problems! Ugh!

She checks with the chef, to see what he can do luckily he suggests an alternative which we take.
It was nice.

Sometimes I fear that I sound spoilt, but it's not that.
Whenever I make plans for this persons birthday, I've been planning weeks in advance taking hints from things they've said. I set a decent time, the dress code and ensure all expenses are paid.

Any gifts reflect small hints too, it's the thought that I've put into it that counts.
I want them to feel special.

I felt like an idiot yesterday so glam in a really chilled restaurant!
Is it unfair to want decent plans for your birthday?
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