How is this my fault? Why did he get angry towards me? Can I tell dmv the seller made a mistake?

in April I bought a used mustang it had scratches, dents, and weird odor coming from vents. I later found rust under car and seats. My friend told me that time to look for another mustang and return it back to dealer. I found a better one same year no issues less miles and less cost. I didn't have the money at the time so my friend said he was buying it for himself. I asked my siblings to borrow money and they lend it. I told my friend I can buy it he got mad saying he's buying it first and if I do im kicked out. He ended up buying it since i said "go ahead buy the car for you im not ruining a relationship over a car even my dream car". but he decided to sell it to me after 3 weeks. He never turned title in so he gave to me to fill out. I returned the other Mustang to dealer and got refund. The problem dmv is saying the seller that sold the car to my friend turned in the bill pf sale with my friends name and price and put his name on release liability. Dmv is closed but I have to tell them that I purchased it and my friend has nothing to do with the car. What I dpnt get my friend got so angry about what dmv sent and he started yelling at me saying "I'm tired of dealing with your shit! You always get me into your problems!" He punched the wall next to me while I was crying and shaking. I told him "how is this my fault? I have no control of what the seller wrote and sent to dmv" he said "okay but still tired of this shit! I didn't even have the car!" He kept slamming the doors. He left house and came back slamming his door still after several hours of that talk. I just feel miserable he took my joy of buying my car then he made me feel like crap if I bought it and after he didn't want it and now there is dmv errors now he is angry at me that "because of me getting him involved" I never told him to buy it for me. Dmv is asking for more proof I only have the title and smog. The seller wrote bill of sale and didn't let my friend write anything so all in his handwriting
How is this my fault? Why did he get angry towards me? Can I tell dmv the seller made a mistake?
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