What do you do when loved ones need more money than you can afford to give?

I'm at a bit of a loss.

I've been in the work force for barely a year. I have rent to pay, student loans, groceries, etc. But I make enough that I'm in a good place. I'm very cautious about spending, and my bank balance goes up every month. I'd like to save up to buy some kind of investment property, just because I want the security that comes with owning something.

I grew up without money, so I spend way too much time monitoring my bank account. I have a lot of financial anxiety, and I have no money management skills. I put off going to the doctor or buying essential things that I can easily afford, because the concept of spending that amount of money stresses me out. But again, I'm in a fairly decent place.

My parents on the other hand, are not. They have no money. My childhood home has nearly been foreclosed on several times, and they can only hold it off for so long. Their credit scores are awful, so they can't move. My brother is still in high school, and I have no clue how he's going to get through college.

To top it off, my father's mental health is awful. He has no one. My mother's physical health is very quickly declining, and she doesn't want to see a doctor. They just shame her for things she's tried to change, but can't.

Time and time again, I find myself offering to give them money. They don't ask. I just offer. Because I know they're struggling, and that things are getting worse very quickly, and I can't bring myself to just watch it happen.

But I don't make enough to fix their problems for them. And I worry that if I keep giving money away, I will end up in the same situation some day. But to not help them feels so selfish. It makes me want to cry just to imagine being in their situation. I worry that it may kill them, whether through my mother's health declining, or my father committing suicide.

How do you build yourself from nothing, while there are people you love still stuck at the bottom?
I have a job, but I still feel stuck.
I have a job, but I still feel stuck.
What do you do when loved ones need more money than you can afford to give?
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