Is this person selfish and is what he doing bad to me?


I’m going to try and convey this in an unbiased manner.

A relative has turned down countless job opportunities and says he’s going to be a currency trader or something like that online but he’s always just earned a meagre income from doing this letter writing work online. I had a job lined up for him with a company down the road which was his dream career but he turned it down and I didn’t push the issue any further but I found it strange - why turn down a job you’d like to do for no good reason?

He refuses to apply for social security payments and when I ask him to contribute around the house he refuses. He washes his own dishes but refuses to wash other people’s dishes even though other household members often wash his

He refuses to even get an iPhone and pay for Uber eats things for himself. He also constantly complains about every little thing and at any chance he gets he talks fondly of high school. He refuses to seek support for his anxiety and instead tells me about his problems even though I don’t want to hear it. If I say please don’t tell me your problems - he becomes argumentative and says “well I don’t wanna hear yours!” And starts swearing

he's had multiple opportunities to seek support and do things like the job I mentioned before but he turns them down. He spends most of the time in his bedroom. When he uses the shower he spends a long time like 20 mins in there with the door locked

sometimes I wake up early and I cough a little and I hear him sighing and complaining about me coughing under his breath

he is extremely religious and if I say something which he thinks is critiquing the religion he starts shouting at me and tells me to not blaspheme his LORD and things like this but he can belittle my political beliefs as much as he likes and I say nothing

Is he selfish and is what he is doing to me bad? Thanks

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Is this person selfish and is what he doing bad to me?
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