Is it more hurtful to lose an older or younger sibling?

If you had a great, loving relationship with you sibling (s), which is more hurtful? Losing the older sibling that you looked up to or losing your baby sibling you cared for/protected?

I have two tragic stories to share:

My friend lost her older brother (10 years her senior) whom was like a father figure and her personal martial arts instructor. Their father left when she was just a 3 month-old baby. He taught her how to cook and several other skills too. When she lost him in an auto accident a couple years ago (the dude was just 34), she felt lost in life. She felt nothing without him. Eventually she worked it out with a therapist.

I was reading a terrible story about a woman's baby sister getting stalked and killed. The girl has barely turned 18 and was the baby sibling in the house. All her siblings felt hopeless and powerless that they couldn't be there to protect her, to save her.

Losing your older sibling
Losing your younger sibling
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Is it more hurtful to lose an older or younger sibling?
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