My girlfriend has a really shady guy friend...

My girlfriend, Kara, and I have been together for about 7 months.

For the most part things have been pretty good.

We are both 24 and attend the same university as masters students.

However, we are in separate programs.

To be accepted into a masters program at our university prospective students must come in for an interview.

Current students (as well as faculty) interview these prospective students.

A few months ago Kara interviewed Eric.

Eric was eventually accepted into the program and he would email/call my girlfriend questions about the program, the faculty, books, etc.

He is from out of state, also, so he would have to move to attend school.

Kara said she would give him books that she no longer needed for school.

A month or two ago while looking for apartments in the area, Eric called my girlfriend asking if he could come over to grab the books.

This was 10pm...on a Saturday. I was over at the time and Eric knows I am with Kara, but I just found it a little shady that he invited himself over especially that late at night.

My myself, my girlfriend, Eric and a few other people over Kara's house the time ending up going to the bar.

A few weeks later Eric asked if he could come over Kara's house.

I wasn't there, but apparently the reason Eric asked to come over was because he had appointments in school and didn't want to wait in his car between appointments.

Anyway, last week Eric finally moved into the city. Kara mentioned "Oh Eric is moving in." I just thought it was strange she went out of her way to say that.

He is from a few hours away, so he has to move for school and he texted my girlfriend at 1am on a Saturday to say he was all moved in.

I was over at the time and thought it was super shady he was texting her at 1am to say that.

In my gfs masters program there are about 50 people (15 guys, 35 girls). Out of all the guys I have met in the program they all seemed cool and fun -- except Eric.

Something about him rubs me the wrong way.

I know if I was texting a girl at 1am my girlfriend would be pissed. Or if some girl came over at 10p on the weekend .. even if it was just to get books...she would be mad.

In all fairness, I was over both times this happened and while Eric might know I am with Kara, he probably could care less.

Kara says she is just friendly to Eric because he is new to the area and doesn't have many friends.

She also says "oh Eric just contacts me because he doesn't know anyone around here, etc etc"

I don't ever accuse her of hooking up with him, but she will be like "We've never hooked up" or "I spend all the time with you anyway, so you know I am not being shady."

Maybe I am being ridiculous, but I just think her responses/the way she worded them are sketchy.

I wouldn't mind this guy if Kara and him were best friends, but they've hung out twice.

Still, something is fishy.

I am not a jealous person, but this rubs me the wrong way and I can't figure it out.

Am I overreacting here or is there cause for concern?

My girlfriend has a really shady guy friend...
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