What would you do if your friends didn’t wish you a happy birthday?



so recently it was birthday and I got lots of messages. Usually I don’t care who does or who doesn’t text me, I am just grateful for every single message. If not, than it doesn’t matter.

But of course we have important people we expect to get at least a call or a text from.
Two of my childhood friends, very important ones didn’t text me at all. Even a few days later.

Each year I used to repost every single mention in stories, so those who were following me just reacted to my stories. But I didn’t do it this year. Or at least I did it , but not as much as the other years coz I told myself that it didn’t serve to anything at all. Those who love me remember the date, so they’ll text me. I was so certain that my friends would remember the day without me posting anything on social media.

They are my childhood friends, from high school. Now we don’t live in the same country but the contact is always there. We still talk to each other. I love them so much so it was painful when I saw that they didn’t even text me a simple "happy birthday " without writing huge paragraph as they always do.

I don’t know how am I supposed to react. I am a bit annoyed because I know both of them were connected, they saw everything. And even from Facebook you get a notification when it’s a friends birthday , so I don’t understand them.

In a few months it’s their birthday and I remember the exact days. And I know that it’s too childish but something like ignoring them crossed my mind and I’m ashamed of that thought. But at the same time, I am so upset by their behaviour :( what to do?

What would you do if your friends didn’t wish you a happy birthday?
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