How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Heeey ! :) So I personally got a bit bored of my hair and I wanted to lighten it (my hair naturally is really dark brown). I started searching for DIY's to lighten it .. And I found lots of things ... The best thing is that IT WORKS :D In the first video she lightens her hair with honey ... And in the second video she shows us 2 ways... The first One with lemon and camomile (not mixed together) and the second video is the honey method.

I used the honey one, why? Well coz my hair is really dark and the honey works better on dark hair than lemon does , the lemon works better for Blonde hair or light brown hair (That's what I saw and heard from the videos) ... Now the honey method has another GREAT benefit .. It really softened my hair FROM THE FIRST TIME I used it ... My hair is wavy and really thick .. And to be honest i was kinda shocked (from happiness lol) when i saw how effective the results were ! :D another important thing ...

The darker ur hair is, the slower it will get lighter unfortunately..but here's another good news.. My hair is REALLY dark and I noticed a slight difference after just ONE night of using it ... It's not a HUGE difference of course coz this is a natural method, but its definitely worth the try ! :)

The honey method can be used 2-3 times a week .. But the Lemon method i think 1-2 times a week coz it can dry your hair .. And if you use the LEMON method, stay under the sun for 40-50 .. Or because some countries don't have a sunny day always, you can just wrap a warm towel or a plastic shower bag (if you don't have any you can use a normal plastic bag) to keep your head warm ... Like I said, don't expect the results to be HUGE .. Just do it as I showed u and u will see the results... hope you guys enjoyed and you would love it if u will do it and if you saw any results you can tell me how it went! Thanks for reading ! :D

P.S. I have no idea why the videos were placed like that, sorry about it haha.


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  • My hair is white, I want to make it purple.. Should I rub a eggplant over it?

    • Yeah that sounds like a great idea...😒 I wrote this coz I was asked for it AND coz I tried it and it worked, if you like the MyTake great! If you DONT like it then just leave it and dont waste your time here! No need to make fun of it!

    • I am not making fun of it.. but the eggplant trick.. no work.

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  • This is really cool.

    • Glad you liked it, thanks 😊

    • ( I will tag someone here coz I don't have any other option 😅 ) @youknowitt here you go 😏 sorry coz it took long but there was a problem with it and now its solved 😊

    • 👍👍👍👍

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