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Awe, my people, let us embrace when you're done for the day playing basketball or modeling (because that's what we all do she says sarcastically). According to the fashion industry you are considered in tall sizing if you are 5'8 and up. (5'5-5-7 is average, 4'11-5'4 is petite). In the US, out of the entire populous, we only make up 10% of the population, and the numbers start to shrink from there. Once you hop up to 5'9 on up, that number drops to 5% just like that. People imagine that being a tall girl is somehow automatically easier or perhaps better than say being petite, but just as in every size range, it has its positives and negatives. However, I'll say it and I'll say it again: love what you have to work with! There is no sense in wishing to be shorter or trying to hunch your shoulders over to make you seem shorter because you are your height, it's not going to change, and loving it and finding fashion that works for you, will only help build your confidence and foster a love for your height and build that self-esteem to...uh, great heights :o)


Think about this. If you are a clothing store, are you going to stock or even include for that matter, tall sized clothing if the profit margin is not going to be that great because the bulk of your customers are either petite or average sized? I mean walk into a clothing store right now, and look around...yes, you see the petite section, the average sizing, the plus sized section, but, um, where might I ask is the tall sized section? In a fashion industry that has been plagued by rising costs of production, designers often proport that the costs manufacturing tall sizing or plus sizing, where more fabric is needed, is much too costly of an endeavor (whether actually true or not), so they design for the more average sized woman and leave us floating in the wind even though every girl walking down a runway is 6 ft. So your dressing room experience usually ends in, "are these pants or capris, I can't bend over in this skirt/dress unless I plan to flash people, I guess I'll be rolling up the sleeves on this one, on me it's a midriff top, not a tank, or there just isn't enough fabric to let the hem out." ARG!


1. The rules were made to be broken

2.The internet + a good tailor should be your bestest best friends. Go to the magical world of the internet to find tall sized and tall plus clothing. Often times they don't have it in store, but offer tall sizing online. Also a lot of chain store clothing shops are slowly but surely starting to offer tall sizing, so be sure to ask. Pay attention to the model's height which is now listed on many websites to help you as a guide for how it or the length of the clothing might look on you. And a friend to you is a good tailor who can let out a hem or sleeve or tack on fabric to something too short. Know thine measurements. This will save you a lot of time and heartache.

3. Your height is its own statement. You don't need a whole ton to make you stand out above the rest (wocka-wocka because you already do). Keep the feathers, giant bows, 10 color technicolor dream coats to a minimum whilst embracing your inner minimalist. Put on some simple flowy chiffon and just glide, darling!

4. Because of your height, you can wear floor grazing accessories like a long duster, or a jacket that hits at the knee without being weighed down visually. You are also the rare breed who can wear an ankle strap without it cruely chopping the leg and making you look stumpy because you already have a lot of height.

5. The bigger the gal, the bigger the accessories. You can lug around a bigger purse or do a really long drop earring and large statement piece jewelry.

6. Wear high heels! It's not like people aren't going to know you're tall. Embrace your inner giraffe. And if anyone tells you, "you can't/shouldn't/why-o-why are YOU wearing heels," then you know where to put them!

7. Disguise the problem...pants too short, wear an amazing boot over them or tailor them to an actual capri length on you. Sleeves too short, yes, sigh, roll them to 3/4th length, skirt too short, rock some leggings underneath.

8. Because you tend to have bigger feet, a pointy toed shoe can give off the good witch impression, so stick to a small point or a rounded toe. Also you might consider avoiding gladiator style boots/sandals whose straps tend to make a long foot look super long and gangly. Because of your height, however, you are part of a select few who can actually rock an over the knee boot.

9. Break the frame. Monochromatic looks tend to emphasize height (great if you want to). If you want to minimize your height however, break the long line with a different color or accessory or utilize color blocking.

10. And seriously, when find something that fits, and fits you well, buy them all in every color. These items are like unicorns. On the same token, don't just give in and buy something ill fitting out of frustration. That's not a good look for anyone and you'll just feel uncomfortable and look awkward when neither is necessary.


Work It Girl: Tall and Tall Plus


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Most Helpful Guy

  • Tall women (and men to a lesser extent), have an automatic head start in the presence dept.
    Providing they have a modicum of good looks and dress appropriately, they are going to be "hit on" every time they go out.
    I think it is the (perceived) Slavic look.
    I know from personal experience that almost all passers by will do a double-take.

    • Ha, a couple of things... you do know not every woman has a Slavic look. Tall women come from many different ethnic make-ups. Second, A LOT of tall women would disagree with you. One of the number one problems being tall is that guys DON'T want to date a tall girl. They want someone smaller and more petite to tuck under and arm. The same goes for exceptionally tall men. Life does become difficult to, how shall we say, physically connect... kisses and such if there is a great height difference between partners. But do a double take, sure!

    • Hi,
      Yes, I do realise there are many tall people in every gene pool.
      I was looking from my era of understanding. I clarify that by saying that I saw my first person of colour, in the flesh, at the age of 15 years. Until then, my opinions had been formed by the Slavic majority in my community. I apologise for the omission.
      I can't answer for others, but I am a guy, and I have always had a "thing" for tall women. I'm not exceptionally tall myself at 5' 11", but I would actively seek out the tallest girl in the room.
      As for "fitting together", you may well be right about a certain amount of difficulty, but what a lot of fun you could get from simply trying to find the perfect fit!!!

    • Well, everything is basically all relative. I'm at what most consider the shorter end of being tall at 5'9, and even at my height, a lot of guys have told me it's intimidating, especially when I wear heels. I have no intention of not wearing heels for the rest of my life, so that's a non starter, but at least in the US, there is this thing about a typical couple being this tall guy paired with a more petite girl. That's "the way it is." Of course several people go against the grain and are like you, and look for someone tall, whether they are tall themselves or not. I can attest though that I have some really tall guy friends in the 6'5 and up range who have the same complaints that girls just don't want them because they feel they are too much, too tall, too much height and don't like the attention is brings from people gawking at them. I mean you and I both mentioned it... you make an entrance without saying a word. So good with the bad.

Most Helpful Girl

  • <3 <3 <3

    Are you tall? bc this is pretty insightful. Much better than I was expecting (I was expecting the usual "dress for yr shape" doggerel that you see in waiting-room magazines)

    Some things:


    Luckily, I don't have to wear "business casual" anywhere, otherwise I would probabyl have to worry about this. But, JEANS can be yr best friend -- because lots of them come unhemmed, and, us tall girls can just leave 'em that way.

    Two important pieces of advice that are missing here:

    KNOW SPECIFIC BRANDS that cater to yr height.
    For instance, you may not have heard of Notify denim... but, if yr a skyscraper like me, you definitely SHOULD have heard of 'em. The average inseam on a pair of Notify jeans is between 34" and 35". <3 <3
    And they're especially well made, too.
    The few times my bae Hervé Léger has made jeans and/or pants, those have had long-ass inseams, too (and they've gone to outlets, so they were surprisingly affordable).

    In some brands, there really isn't that much of a perceptible difference anyway.
    Dior Homme jeans look fantastic on girls (and, honestly, I think they were secretly made for us -- I don't know any boys whose thighs are that thin!).
    Men's Just Cavalli jeans look good on girls, too, and they have long long inseams (usually 34-36").



    This seems to contradict 3)

    In any case... FUCK YES. is all I have to say.

    I am lucky enough to wear euro size 41.5-42 shoes, which means I can scoop up EVERYTHING at the designer outlet sales for 50% off plus another 50-70% off. By this point in mah life, I've acquired somewhere between 60 and 80 pairs of heels. So... unless i'm in the gym, I am wearing something with about a 6-7" heel, meaning that I'm standing 6'8"-6'9" off the ground.
    Fuck yeah.
    (Remember that shapes scale up, so, a 5" heel on a shorter girl's shoe is a 6" heel on mine.)

    Also, I have super duper narrow boy-hips -- which means I look stupid in a thong, BUT, it also means that wearing heels actually takes stress OFF my knees.
    Stuff it, thigh-gappers. Nyah nyah. <3
    I'll still be able to wear heels when I'm 70.




    I have a couple of floor-length leather jackets -- including one that my husband made from scratch -- and they just look smashing on me.



    Nope. I'm like a walking stick bug. lol
    Chunky things would look even stupider than they would on a shorter slim girl.

    • Most consider me a small tall, I am 5'9. I have a passion for fashion, especially when it comes to hard to find sizing (I've previously written about petite and petite plus) and navigating what is often a seemingly very cruel world of fashion that tends to be very exclusionary to many.

      2) I would definitely agree with know your brands along with your measurements. I've advised men's section shopping for other things to people, but haven't for talls b/c the current trend in general for women's pants is skewing towards a skinnier leg which is not the case for mens, but thanks for the hot tip.

      6) not sure this necessarily contradicts because you may wear a 4+inch heel, but it can be subtle. It's more about a tall woman not needed tons of bows and whistles on an outfit as a whole... but of course, may I direct you back to rule number 1!

      4) your hubby made you one from scratch, wow!

      5) that's where knowing yourself comes into play. If it doesn't work, u don't have to do it.

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    • yeah mb... I mean lol I get caught up in comments on here, but, writing articles for free ehhh lol

      We'll see

    • LOL, no worries

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What Guys Said 6

  • I have a special thing for tall girls. I find their long legs, arms and torsos to be very attractive.

  • I really like the jackets and the long plainish dresses in the tall section plus an honourable mention for the crop top/skirt. I would pick 1,2,3,4,5,12,,14 and 15. In the tall plus I like 1,4,5,6,7, 11, 12 (without hat), 13 and 15.

  • To tell you my opinion, I'm 5'6", and I always adored tall women.

  • You have hit on my 2 favorite body types. Tall and plus is A#1 for me then plus then tall.

    That woman in the burgundy dress is amazing to me!!

  • Tall and fat? Major deal breaker.

  • I always feel awkward around girls who are shorter than me. Which is unfortunate (for me), because that's the majority of them.


What Girls Said 6

  • I wish I were tall! =)

  • I am 5'8 and I've always felt like average even tho people say am tall. These are some very good points and looks. Great take.

    • Thank you. I hope they help. I'm only an inch taller than you, and you'd think I was the Eiffel tower if you asked my friends, lol, but it's all relative because compared to the women in my life, I am really tall. None of them are above 5'4, and of course, the minute I put on even a standard 3 inch heel, I'm 6ft.

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    • Heck no!

  • Unfortunately where I live a lot of the clothes in the tall sections are catered to women with "boyish" (sorry couldn't think of a better term) figures. It makes shopping quite difficult for me. 😢

    • You might want to try a good tailor. They can add darting or pull things in for a more feminine look. Or shop online for tall brands with more feminine styling.

    • What are you built like? Measurements, etc + height? I could see if I have any recommendations off the top of m'head

  • fat people are never going to be attractive

  • This another reason I like to be tall... I am so lucky to be tall

    • Glad to hear you say that. I love being tall myself. People try to make me feel bad about it or that I shouldn't wear heels, but when you love yourself just the way you are, no one can make you hate yourself. *High five* (we can do that, lol)

    • High five. Lol

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