The Justin Bieber Haircut


The Justin Bieber haircut can be described as a fem emo style. This is not a fitting haircut for everyone, and in fact very few can pull it off. This haircut is most fitting for someone who has a relatively thin face. The cut is very short and draws attention to the jaw bones of the face. For this reason someone with a chubbier face may not find this cut appealing because it would draw attention to their cheeks.

This haircut is, however, fitting for someone who likes bangs and wants to hide their forehead. The hair sweeps across the forehead, covering much of the brow line and is great for those who are uncomfortable about having a large forehead. This cut is very shaggy and playful, and probably not meant for someone who wants a clean looking appearance.

"This cut is very shaggy and playful, and probably not meant for someone who wants a clean looking appearance"

This cut is a mix of graduation and layers. The graduation can be seen in the fullness of the hair. The hair is pulled out and cut on a guide which slowly adds fullness and depth to the hair. Then the layers are created by pulling the hair up and cutting to remove too much weight. The overall shape is very round, but is not to be mistaken with a bowl haircut! Styling of this haircut is much more relaxed than the more traditional spiked looks.

Justin Bieber haircut checklist - Do you qualify?
  • A thin face & high cheekbones
  • A large forehead
  • Not afraid of hair product
  • Love the emo trend

But don't think you can get away with using absolutely no styling product to achieve this look! A mousse can be added to create more fullness and a hairspray is definitely needed to keep everything in place. If you have a cut that generally covers much of the face, you want a quality, strong hair spray to keep the hair out of your eyes.

The overall grade I would give the Justin Bieber haircut is a B. Though this young star can pull off the look, in reality most people would not be able to. This look is more popular on women because of the pixie like quality of the style. In today’s world, most young guys don't want bangs in their face and are more prone to the spiky look or just pulling a comb through their hair. The emo look is a trend that has faded for most boys and men, and is geared more towards women.

Luckily Justin has the right look to pull off the infamous hairstyle!

The Justin Bieber Haircut
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  • Bethany94
    This guy I know effortly pulls this haircut off (styling products? I'm pretty sure he's lucky to bathe twice a week) but it makes him look about 12 (he's 19, I actually demanded ID when I first met him because I thought that there was no way that he was older than 14) but also because he has this haircut I can't take him seriously and just call him 'blondie.'
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The-Nash
    This could be a lot better if it was expanded. A whole article on just a haircut is selling the article short in a way which it seems more like an opinion about a particular haircut than advise on following or not following the trend that he is setting.
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  • Seduciary
    As of late, Biebers' hairdo is more of an Elvis pompadour, which is great, in this day and age of rapper-style buzz cuts ad nauseam...
  • htowngeorge
    Justin Biebe's hair cut or style is basically the same hair cut the Beatles had in the 1960's.
  • -StillWater-

    It is not a fitting haircut for anyone!
  • Chaoscodox
    Lol I fit the criteria but I'm fat...