GIRLS: How many of you naturally like to wear and pose like this (link below)?

(1ST NOTE: Naturally as in no pressure or money as the cause)
(2ND NOTE: New users can't post links.)
(LINK: Google Sherri Tiara Lansang in a Purple Bikini.)

Thanks guys for the insight. Fairly intriguing. Got to take a break tho. Been doing a fair amount of writing on what source (s) causes us to differ in what we like or go with in life. Hope to talk to you some more here or smilar topics.


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  • I'd pose like that, but not wear that. I like her pocahontas and school girl looks

    • Ah, luv her Poca photo. Thats how I found her. what would u wear posing like that.

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    • No i like looking good for myself. Its good to feel good about yourself

    • *Stares at space for a moment* I need to think about this. Thank you for your thoughts and insight. You probably have a fair amount of guys minds right now. Thats kind of like our ideal girl in how you think. And sadly, I must go. Farewell. Hope to talk to you guys more this week.

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  • Why do you keep asking so many questions about her?
    Be a little but more active on the site and you'll be Level 2 in hardly anytime. Then you can post the damn photo and get some actual responses.

    • Do you know she's an example for something else we are discussing? Who would you use?

  • Yes I would but in a less provocative bikini

    • Like what level?

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    • This is for me
      1. Is it just me and my boyfriend
      2. Am I in public
      3. what mood I'm in

    • Ah. Makes sense. The public one sparks another question tho. Like how do you let the public determine what you dress? Thank you for the insight. Got to go, sadly. Hope to talk to you guys more this week.

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