What in a shy guy is sweet and cute?

What makes a girl find a shy guy real sweet and cute?


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  • Depends on what you mean by "shy".

    Shy as in he's socially awkward, never talks in anything but monosyllables, comes off as standoffish and rude, but in reality has SAD> These aren't so cute. They're actually so hard to read, you don't know if they like you or want you to go away.

    Or do you mean shy as in he's generally a friendly guy who gets alittle flustered when it comes to women. He'll ask a girl out, but spend days agonizing over it and rehearsing what to say, only to become a tongue tied mess and end up looking like a babbling nutcase as he does it. Then on the first date he babbles nervously, knocks things over, blushes, etc.

    That's how my boyfriend was at first! It was adorable; made me feel at ease that I'm not the only one who's a bit scared, and it encouraged me to try and make him more comfortable by BEING comfortable!

    To me the latter is cute. Guys are always trying to act so suave with women, but it's actually OK if you're a tad nervous. It's flattering.


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  • It's almost an expectation thing. Like, if you meet a guy whos cocky you expect him to be a jerk even though he might just be happy and come across wrong or, when you meet a girl who wears hardly anything and wears a lot of make up you expect her to be slutty when in actuality she could be very nice with low self-esteem. It's all in peoples expectations. most of the time I expect it because the guys who I have met who were shy have been really sweet and cute. For some reason I almost always think shy guys are cuter.


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