Why did this girl look away quickly?

This girl opened a door for me and I looked at her, about to say thank you, and she looks to the side very quickly. Was she just nervous about eye contact from a stranger, or did she think I was unpleasing to look at?

Either way, I don't really care... It's not like I even remember her face, so I'm sure she won't even remember me.


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  • she didn't hear u.

    she got shy

    ur hot

    was distracted

    ur nuthin special

    there can be lots or reasongs

  • I know that when I do that (look away quickly from a guy) its because I think he's cute and I'm shy to make eye contact. I wouldn't worry if I were you...she prob thought you were attractive!

    • But it seems there is a great probability she thought I was very unattractive... It seems a girl would look away quickly so the guy doesn't think she's interested, since he's fugly :(

    • Well do you consider yourself attractive? Maybe she looked away quickly without noticing she did so...

    • I don't know, sometimes I have my days, then sometimes I feel quite ugly. So I guess it could be either or somewhere in between. But thanks for the answer :)

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