I look really young... what should I do?


I'm 16 and I look a lot mila kunis when she was younger, except I have brown eyes. Like, even tho I'm pretty and guys hit on me a lot and such, people tell me I look really young and call me a 12-year-old. Like, I'm really tiny... I'm 5'2 and skinny, so that doesn't really help me look older. And I have a baby face, majorly. People usually call me midget, kid and doll, to tease me and what not. And say things like, what, did your mouth keep growing and your body stop?

Anyway, how do I overcome this? Like, people treat me like I'm fragile, and baby me, and it is nice I guess...but I really want to be taken seriously sometimes. I'm sick of people telling me I'm adorable, or cute... I feel like my boyfriends have always treated me like a puppy and never really anything sexy. Like never hot.

So yeah. Any tips on how to overcome with age stunt would be great. Makeup tips? Clothing tips? Attitude? Whatever(:

Oh, and like, how should I pose for pictures? Usually I smile a big smile instead of making faces and people say I look really cute and like a little kid who's really happy, but again, that's younger than I am.


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  • As far as clothing is concerned, maybe try some more sophisticated looks. A lot of designer stuff is made for very small people like yourself. Also, just act decisive and firm. If you seem like someone people should listen to and respect, it really helps to have these types of characteristics.

    Good Luck!


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  • Believe me when I say you don't have a problem. Looking old is a problem. Looking young is a blessing...Go and sin no more.

  • looking young is NOT a problem

  • You are soooo lucky! Looking younger is the best thing. Don't knock it. You don't need to do anything to improve. I'm always being mistaken for being younger and it used to annoy me but now I love it.


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  • trust me looking young is a good thing...i'm 23 and people often think I'm like 19...sometimes they think I'm still in high school and can't believe I've graduated from college and I am of legal drinking age...you'll thank your parents for your good genes when you're 30 or 40 and you look like girls nearly half your age.

  • I agree with pezzonovante and everyone else. It's a blessing because you can wear some really great stuff, like the cute sophisticated designer stuff.

    But anyway don't change the way you take pictures, it's annoying when people try to look cool or cranky, you probably take a very nice photo.

    Best tips:

    Invest in some great heels for when you want to feel sexy or be taken seriously.

    I find that using an eyebrow pencil to define my eyebrows makes me look more sophisticated. That doesn't mean go darker, just enhance your natural brow.

    Wear your hair down, avoid half ponytails or pigtails etc.

    Don't change your attitude, when you successfully look more mature it'll be a redeeming quality if you're different than expected.