Guys, please explain this too me "she's too cute for me." what does that mean?

Recently a really good guy friend of mine was trying to set me up with one of his friends. We met and I thought it went really well, we had a good conversation about lots of things and found out we even had some stuff in common. I liked him and seriously thought we might go out again because I mean he seemed interested.

But after talking to my friend apparently he doesn't want too see me again because his exact words were "shes too cute for me."

...i do not get it.

so being cute is a bad thing now? at first I thought maybe he thinks I'm too young for him (I'm 16 he's 18) but then I realized well that's not even that much of an age difference so...yeah I'm super confused

and what exactly is "cute" anyways?

like how I look? how I talk? how I act in general?

i hear that I'm "cute" all the time but I really don't get what its supposed to mean lol. is it a bad thing?


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  • Maybe he just feeling ensecure.. things your to good for him..

    Cute.. I don't know other people but I think cute is all set.. face , way of talkign , way of dressing.. Its cute...

    think of a fluuffy bunny.. why are they cute.. cos they have the all "cuteness" set

    the comparesion is a a bit dumb.. but does the trick..Cute is kind of a beauty with some inocense on it


What Girls Said 1

  • Well to me it sounds like your too girly and cutsie for him. You know? Cute usually means sweet and innocent, maybe that's not what he wants. Or it could just be a nice way of saying he's not interested. But, my bets on my first theory.

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