How to tell if a Dolce Gabbana purse is real?

I was invited to a purse party recently and I really liked this one purse however I'm not a huge purse person and don't know how to tell if it's the real deal or not. I made the purse my profile picture so check it out and tell me if it's a knock off or real. It will cost me 60 bucks so I'm not out that much if it's not but I'm just curious. Let me know any facts on this matter you may have! Thanks!

Also is this purse cute in your opinion?

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Oh my gosh.. it would probably help if I spelled the purse correctly! I guess I'm a bit sleepy!


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  • A D&G purse for 60 bucks is always fake.

    Which model is it? That's important to know.

    I'm not an expert in D&G purses :(. So I can't help you with looking at the 'fake-signs'.

    You might want to look on the internet for help.

    You should only buy from the retailers or boutiques, then you're sure it's not fake.

    I shouldn't buy it.



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  • honey, I'm french and have no idea what a purse party is, but let me tell you one thing: that bag is as fake as Dolly Parton's boobs.

    note: no offense to Dolly Parton's fans, we love her in france :)

  • Only buy designer or Premier designer bags from boutiques,Nordstroms,Neiman Marcus or Macy's.

  • $60? it's fake, but if you like the purse get it anyways. :)