Chubby girl, cute face?

ok, not to toot my own horn but I am really cute in the face =) only thing is, I am fat. I used to be obese, but I lost weight so now I am just chubby. I joined a gym so I will be skinny in a few months, but in the meantime what should I do? am I considered undateable because I'm big so I shouldn't even try at all? or do I have a chance? guys have liked me in the past but I don't like my weight so I don't wanna date or anything. do guys really like chubby girls or will I be 10 times better when I'm little? thanks!


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  • Quite a few guys out there that love 'thicker' girls. If you think you're cute, then flaunt it as they say; I've been with some thicker girls, and what was really bad, was that many had a negative attitude. And like I told them, "look, I think you look just fine for me. But if you are worried about the thin girl next to you, I will leave you, not because of how you look, but because I'm sick of your goddamn whining!" I just can't stand that attitude, so sadly enough, if these girls would have been proud of themselves and had a positive attitude, I would have stuck around, but unfortunately, they were too worried about the thin girl next to them! So if you think you're pretty then go out, meet guys, and if they like you, they will come to you; whatever you do though, don't whine about how fat you're and that you don't look as good as the skinnier girls. Guys don't like that type of whining! :)

    • I agree that guys hate girls that whine about being fat... but if you are going to dump them for that reason, I think you will find it pretty hard to keep a girl...

      i think even the drop dead gorgeous girls still whine here and there about their bodies.. you just have to compliment them more!

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  • ok. well you shouldn't be anonymous for one, you should have a pic in your profile like I do so I can see what you look like!

    to me, chubby girls are so much sexier. I love them!

    the fact that you have been a lot bigger, may make it a bit unattractive if you have a lot of loose skin around the place, but as long as you have a cute face, you have nothing to worry about!

    guys love chubby girls! I get turned on so much more by chubby girls than little sticks.,

    the fact that you have a gorgeous face, make s a big difference, because that is what a lot of guys )such as myself) find attractive!.

    dont stress gorgeous, you will find a sexy guy soon enough!'

    ps. I am kinda drunk so I'm sorry if I was too full on lol!

    • I definitely agree with you, I don't know what some guys see in repulsively thin girls!

    • Me neither! up the curves! ! !

  • I'd need to see a picture to answer this one.

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I myself am celebrating a huge weight loss goal over the span of a year, and it's been better for me.

  • keep it up! - you'll be a lot more confident and that will give you a lot more options when your it good shape

    Its great to see you reognised the comitment by saying in a few months you'll be fit - even if it takes a year at least you'll have 50 more to thank yourself for making that jump

    you should try a few solo sports as well - just to keep yourself intrested mentally

  • Without a pic its hard to say. I only date or go for bigger / chubbier girls. So you might be exactly what a guy like me wants.

  • I will let you know that I had the same mindset as you. I am technically obese, but I have had a few girlfriends. I would honestly say that personality is as, if not more, important than physical attributes. Your mind is telling you are "chubby" so that IS what you are. One of the best things to have is an self-image worthy of who you really are. There are overweight models that are more attractive to me than the supermodels simply because of their ambience and how they carry and feel about themselves. There are guys out there that would date you even if you are overweight.

    Your question if guys really like chubby girls or will you be 10 times better when you are little. Depends on the guy you are trying to attract. A superficial guy usually wants skin and bones (over exaggerated).

    My suggestion is to get to a weight you are comfortable with and work on the self-esteem/image. This will project who you are.


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