What are girls thinking when they wear provocative clothes?

How would you rate these:, In terms of provocative:

!. Short shorts

2. Tight skirt

3. Tight jeans

4. See through dresses

5. Revealing blouse

6. "Falling off' type of skirt, often worn by Latinas...
  • Short shorts
    Vote A
  • Tight skirts or jeans
    Vote B
  • See through dresses
    Vote C
  • Revealing blouse..
    Vote D
  • 'Falling off' style dress
    Vote E
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I'm asking, 1) What you think of women who wear these, and

2) Rate these in terms of which is the most provocative!
No guys are answering, or rating?


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  • @update

    Well, guys are not able to know what girls are thinking. If I had to guess, they want to attention or flaunt their bodies. Or both.

    As for the poll it's really hard to choose. I'd say A or D. See through dresses are unattractive IMO.


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  • Um...I think...Fashion is cute. In some countries...they don't even were clothes..so who cares about...clothing.

    Short shorts...are cute 10

    Tight Skirts are cute 10

    Tight Jeans are cute 10

    See Through can be cute if worn on the right body 10



  • When I wear it, its to please myself and because I look good in it, and it makes me feel sexy.

    When other girls wear it I don't think much of it, unless its inappropriate for the situation or is just impractical.

    The "falling off skirt" and shorts look is annoying to me when worn by anyone, simply because its just stupid and impractical. I get wearing short shorts, or tight shorts especially if you have the body for it, and when it covers up the necessary parts.

    What I don't get, are the shorts and skirts where your ass cheeks hang out the bottom, to me its like, what is the point.

    I have one see through shirt, that Ill wear with a really intricate lace bra, tight jeans, and a leather jacket, but even the shirt is a dark blue, and baggy.

    All the other ones aren't much to blink at.

  • Personally I don't aim to make myself appear provocative but rather to make myself look good. Sometimes I am aware that I may have crossed a line with my clothing choices but I decide that as long as I look fashionable while I wear it and not cheap I look OK.

    So basically provocative and fashionable link is good, but provocative and not fashionable link is bad. I think women who wear provocative clothing just because it is think very lowly of themselves/feel they can't get attention any other way.

    I've never seen number 6 before but In order of the most provocative. 4,5,2 and 1,3

  • Well I personally think if your wearing short shorts where I can see your ass trying to break free from behind or your pocket linings your shorts are to short. see through dresses?... um you wanna give the guy everything at once let him wonder. revealing blouse like what a low cut shirt or just like holes everywhere I personally like to dress a little modest I mean I wear a tank top every now and then but I wear it with a jack or something over it ha. I know what a falling off type of SHIRT is but skirt? I think wearing all these things the girl just wants to attract guys maybe or just be cute.

  • 4,2,6 (I'm not sure what you meant by this, but I guess it goes here. lol) 5,3,1

    • Sometimes it's because they're hoes. Sometimes it's because it's a popular style and it just happens to be a little provactive looking.

  • what is a falling off type of skirt? can you provide a picture?

    anyways it's summertime and hot as hell, I think they're trying to be cute and comfortable.

    short shorts aren't that provocative, most of the clothing stores sell clothes like this nowdays, you would really have to search and search to find shorts that aren't considered short

    tight skirt, don't care

    tight jeans aren't provocative at all IMO they could be considered that way to guys but they're just regular style jeans. they don't really sell baggy jeans for women

    see through dresses...okay that's too much, you're obviously trying too hard

    revealing blouse, depends how revealing

    see through dress is most provocative and tight jeans are the least

  • What I think of those articles of clothing depends heavily on the actual article of clothing being worn (i.e. these short shorts link I wouldn't consder provocative, but these link I do think are provocative) and what else it's being worn with. A see-through dress might be elegant at a formal event but trashy on the street. A low-cut top that's structured and made out of good material might be appropriate for work with a camisole and blazer, while one that's looser and not worn with other clothing is more for going out or keeping cool in the summer.

  • What's the poll for? Which is most provocative? Also, don't know what the "falling off" skirt is.

    • The kind of dress you see many Latinas wear. I don't think it has a formal name!

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    • OH you mean a tube dress? link

    • Yes, that sort of thing, although actually that one doesn't look like it wold come off easily! I'm thinking mre of something a little more relaxed fitting, but that same 'look.'

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  • The title of your question doesn't match its contents.


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