I used to be attractive a year ago, now I am no longer attractive?

I am depressed lately about the changes in my appearance . I am currently a 22 year old college student who used to be attractive a year ago. People would want to be friends with me in classes and I got smiles and winks from guys, but a year later, i am getting negative reactions from strangers and people in my college classes don't seem to be interested in talking to me. Even my little sister who is considered unattractive is getting more attention than me from my parents and my mother now thinks she's "cute", when before, I was the sister who got many compliments on my looks.

My mom tells me that I have gained some weight. I don't believe that my weight gain is the main cause for my current "unattractiveness", I'm afraid maybe my face morphed ? Is it possible for a person to change so much in appearance within a year? I do not smoke nor do I do drugs. I tend to be a homebody, in fact.

I went to through a bit of a depressive period and rarely went out of the house... Maybe this could have been a factor?

I feel invisible these days and my looks seem to have faded already even if I am only 22 years old- when it actually should be the beginning of my real young years. I get no attention from desirable men these days (or barely any men). I have never had a boyfriend , yet and if my looks will stay this way, I feel like I might be single forever :(

Do you think a person's looks can change dramatically within a year? Do you think I still have time to go back to how I looked a year ago ? After "losing" my looks, I have now realized how I have taken for granted many things and most people are really superficial, even if they say otherwise. i have a tendency to be chubby and it takes A TON of effort for me to stay in decent shape...

As a result, I currently have no social life and I feel ignored in general.
I used to be attractive a year ago, now I am no longer attractive?
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