Why are people uglier than me getting boyfriends?

I'm a fairly attractive girl, but I'm kinda shy. And I see all these girls who are not quite as pretty as me (not being mean, but its kinda true), and not even that nice, getting boyfriends and dating and no one asks me out or approaches me...what am I doing wrong?


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  • It's not that you are doing something wrong,but rather you may not be doing something right. You need to open up a bit more. Your shyness may preventing you from showing everyone who you really are.

    The thing I sense is that you are confusing being good looking and attractive. Looks are genetic and it's either you have them or not and in your case you do. Being attractive is more than just good looks, it includes the way you hold yourself, your personality, the way you interact with your environment. being attractive is using everything that defines you and using it to "attract" others whether they be friends or potential b/f's. Good luck.


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  • in my opinion looks aren't all that matters because it could be the hottest girl in the world but if I don't like her personality itll never work out no matter how good looking she may be if I don't like her personality I will not date her

  • People prob think that you don't have a good personality...a girl (nobody as a matter of fact) is a good person to date without a good personality...and maybe they think your not the dating type

  • You said it yourself. You're shy.

    You need to get over that. Build your confidence.

  • Maybe they don't look as attractive as you, but they have more attractive personalities. And the people around you are going for personality as opposed to looks

    • Yep, personalities a biggie. Though you're hot, which is also a biggie lol

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  • Why are people uglier than me getting boyfriends? what am I doing wrong?

    "but I'm kinda shy" "no one asks me out or approaches me"

    Perhaps you should work on the shyness as shy girls often look closed off/unapproachable.

    Also maybe those girls uglier than you went up and asked the guy out/approached him.

    As well as such possibilities like:

    you're not be fairly attractive

    you're not be fairly attractive to them

    your personality sucks

  • I too have this problem , but a guy friend tells me that I seem " hard to get , or guys are, afraid to ask me out because I will reject them , I need to smile more and make my self approachable " that way guys will ask me out,

    also am a shy girl too , so its a bit difficult for us to do that but , we need to try

    good luck

  • outgoing girls will get bfs faster than shy girls

    if a guy has no indication that you has a chance with u, more than likely he will leave you alone

  • Maybe they have just got better personalities or the guy finds them attractive... Even if you don't find them attractive, the guys do.

    Youre not doing anything wrong, just wait :) you will find someone. Just be patient.

  • I ask myself the same thing.

    They probably have more confidence or put themselves out there.

    Smile more and approach people dear, people will start to notice you more.


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