Is it okay to ask my boyfriend if he thinks I'm pretty?

my boyfriend isn't great about compliments (to be fair, neither am I, but I try). he's a bit of the nervous type. it's been a year and I've never heard him say I look pretty or beautiful. he'll tell me I'm sexy, but that's the only compliment I get. I'm starting to wonder if maybe he doesn't think I am. that maybe he's only with me because of my personality and the sex.

would it be bad to straight out ask if he thinks I'm pretty? my confidence with him is getting kinda shaky...

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  • Ask it certainly


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  • It's discouraging to read this. Men should be gentlemen and tell their partner that she's pretty, beautiful, and absolutely gorgeous. Women deserve it. They need to be cherished!


What Girls Said 2

  • i think it is but why should you ask him he should be telling you heloves you a lot and he should also show you that you are pretty acttions ,

  • Your boyfriend is dating you because you are pretty... although I am sure there are many other qualified you possess.