The Meaning of Intense Eye Contact


Is strong eye contact a good thing?

The Meaning of Intense Eye Contact

Have you ever wondered why he stares at you? Have you ever wondered what it means when she stares at you? Have you ever been insecure because he's staring at you? Have you ever felt anything if you stare at someone? These are questions I commonly overhear all the time whether it be at school, outside of school, or even in here on GaG, yet the all lead to the same answer— it's a damn good thing. If you have ever had problems with insecurities involving your crush's strange eye contact yet you know you feel the intensity if you were to stare at someone, I'd be willing to bet that your crush is feeling the exact same thing. If you have ever caught your crush staring at you from afar or staring into your eyes, I will explain to you what it means, and why it's a great sign.

If someone stares at you from afar, it always has a meaning:

The Meaning of Intense Eye Contact

Your crush may think of you as a horrible person. You could be the cause of their pain for whatever reason. You could be someone that they want to be, but nevertheless, it all means that you matter to them in some way or form. Who knows.. you could really be the cause of their pain, but you are more than likely a beauty in their young eyes. A beauty so beautiful that they can't keep their eyes away from you. You are too beautiful and too meaningful to your crush that he is unable to look away. You are beautiful to them, even if you don't feel like you're beautiful yourself. Your crush finds you beautiful, and that's really all that matters.

When someone stares into your eyes, the heavens themselves have been focused on your passionate eye contact

The Meaning of Intense Eye Contact

Eyes are indeed windows into your soul. I'm sure that if you got the chance to look into your crushes eyes, you'd feel amazing and excited. You'd feel like you'd want to kiss them on the spot and cuddle under the blankets. Yet, you wonder what it means when they stare into your eyes? If someone were to stare into your eyes especially the way you'd stare into your crush's eyes, it is a sign of attraction. It is a sign of sexual attraction, because your crush is probably thinking about things that could happen if you two were to be alone together. In case you haven't figured yet, that is a good sign. You are beautiful to them, and they are beautiful to you. Whatever you are feeling when you stare into your crush's eyes, I can assure you, your crush is feeling the exact same thing. Whether it be a guy or a girl, everyone has feelings, and their eye contact is no different from yours. It always means the same thing.

How ever they stare at you whether it be from across the room or into your eyes, they do find you attractive, believe it or not. You are attractive, and you have your proof whenever you catch someone staring at you, since stares are always done in lengthy amounts of time. They are typically a sign of sexual tension, but meaning of long intense eye contact is usually because your crush likes you.

The Meaning of Intense Eye Contact
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Most Helpful Guys

  • EmotionallyDetatched
    This happened to me last year. I entered a retail outlet to make a purchase and as I walking through the store I just so happened to bump into an old co-worker and we ended up stopping in the middle of the store and just stared into each other's eyes for what felt like ages, it must have been more than thirty seconds, time felt as though it had come to a stand still and I just couldn't look away, I felt frozen. Eventually I looked down and back up and she was still staring at me wide-eyed, I got so freaked out that I literally turned away and walked off thinking how creepy she probably thought I was, but it was beyond intense. I've never experienced anything like it before or since and it was electric. I never knew that eye contact could have such an affect.
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    • Lopezz1999

      Oh it sure does. Usually if you catch someone staring at you for over 10 seconds, it's a sign that they want you to approach them. It's like they hope you notice. Though I'll agree with what you said. A person's eyes can easily turn on anyone with elite eye contact!

    • And you walked off without speaking to her?

      You should have asked her out on a date on the spot, I don’t think she could have been more obvious.

  • Anonymous
    Me & a girl in my dorm have had this crazy eye contact before. I love looking her in the eyes my body freezes and goes somewhere else. But when she came off the elevator earlier I said hi she said hi back & kept walking I don't even think she really looked at me I'm trying to get to know her lol
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    • Lopezz1999

      lol go for it bro! Don't let your nerves stop you!

Most Helpful Girls

  • Idonthaveausername
    Intense eye contact is one of the most amazing feelings in the world! Excellent Take! That's why I intentionally avoid eye contact with guys I'm not interested in--I don't want some random guys thinking I'm interested in them

    There's a man who keeps trying to make intense eye contact with me. Most of the time I look away, but there have been a few times he caught me staring at him and one time he leaned in and grabbed my face so I couldn't look away. Oh I felt like dying!
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    • Lopezz1999

      Aha I agree. It also feels good to know what it means when a crush were to stare deeply into your eyes lol. The whole thing is just an incredible experience that can lead to a vast amount of intimacy.

    • Kaazsz

      So I have a crush on this girl. I see her as out of my league. She could have any man she wants, ANY! And she knows it.

      We stare into each others eyes a lot. I have really strong eye contact and she just gives it back to me and I love it. I just wonder sometimes if I’m being a fool to think she’s out of my league.

      Sometimes she catches me staring at her, and she will just stare right back at me. Fuck I’m an idiot aren’t I? Lol. I don’t know...

    • @Kaazsz She might be great, but she's not perfect. So she may see something in you that is valuable to her. Give it a chance. At least find out if it's true. And if it's not, you have dispelled an illusion and brought yourself relief and freedom. What if she's waiting for you and thinks she's not good enough for you? I've seen it a lot. You never know what might be going on in someone's head.

  • Miss_Behave
    Good Take!
    The guy I'm seeing right now loves making eye contact with me because, like you wrote, he also says that "eyes are windows to the soul". I'm not complaining cos he has really gorgeous blue eyes <3
    I still remember how we made so much eye contact leading up to our first kiss. The kiss was amazing, but I believe having such intense eye contact leading up to it made the whole experience all the more memorable!
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Logorithim
    It definitely means a lot- intense eye contact on my part means I'm really attracted.
  • cocoaniable
    I like your myTake ! When I feel like someone is staring at me, I first look behind me and then I realise it's me. Then I look at myself, to be sure what I'm wearing haha. I really feel naked when people stare at me or when their eyes follow me. It feels like I grew two heads. Thanks for clearing that up !
  • SmartButBroke
    Good MyTake. I have been interested on several occasions not about crushes but about people staring in general, but I think what you write still applies. It's just hard to believe, lol. And really uncomfortable, more so when it's not a crush.
    • Lopezz1999

      Aha I definitely agree. It's realistic though, no matter how incredible the possibilities. Watch out if it's not a crush lol

  • YourFutureEx
    Good take :)

    I don't make eye contacts. I think I lack confidence and self-esteem. #ShyGuysProblems
    • Lopezz1999

      Aha thank. And yeah I have the sameness problems sometimes even though I'm not even shy lol

    • I wish someone could help me (or us?) :D

  • Superchick123
    What an amazing myTake. It really is amazing. Thank you so much for writing this! Another one, nailed.
  • lovelyhoneybones
    The type of eye contact that scares the hell out of you or make your heart drop.
  • RussianNestingDoll
    If someone gazes admiringly at me, I love it. There was s a fine line between that and staring at someone to the point where the object of their desire experiences a friend got or fought response. Certain stares are gentle and romantic while others are received as predatory. Animals who stare at each other are usually going to fight. Humans, despite evolution are capable of experiencing this.
  • natured
    I also make a lot of eye contact especially with my clients, it shows them that I am confident about whatever project or issue we are handling.
    Yesterday, I had this client who actually had the deepest amazing eyes i have ever seen, and I basically got lost in them, not because of the color but the way his eyes where just staring and looking into my eyes and we where not able to detach it.
    I DO HAVE A BOYFRIEND and I adore his eyes so I am not really expressing a CRUSH thingy with this client, BUT I have a problem, i can't seem to forget his eyes and I am thinking about them often since yesterday...
    A lot of people compliment my eyes as in shape and color and maybe it was because of THAT but fact is, I won't be forgetting those eyes for now lol...
    • Lopezz1999

      Lmao I see. Well like I said above during intense eye contact, he was probably feeling the same as you were. It can happen abruptly or intentionally, and because of that, you will have different thoughts depending on the timing and the circumstance of the eye contact. Thanks for sharing an opinion!

    • natured

      <3 Thank you for sharing this amazing MyTake I do love it and I find eyes fascinating <3

    • Lopezz1999

      You're very welcome miss, and so do I! lol

  • infjsqu
    Well.. A long eye contact is a sign of an interest and also a try to connect with the other person.. But it's not always that deep.. Thing? There's a guy I lock eyes with very often. Sometimes we even make eye contact battles.. Generally we like looking each other directly in the eyes and holding eye contact for a while. But when I asked him out I was rejected. So it's not always about feeling the same thing I guess.. But generally it means interest and that's the point. :)
  • MNM230
    This brings me back to thinking about whether a guy is really staring at you in class, or zoning out. A guy may look like he's staring, but he could also be wandering around the room and thinking about random things and then his eyes just land on you because you're in his field of vision. I would overthink a lot on this.
  • Electric_Dreams
    Desire. The question is what does the person engaging the eye contact desire? Sex? Love? Entertainment by way of frightening you, wanting to murder you, some of your wine gums, revenge perhaps, to communicate telepathically, cream soda. They could want anything, theoretically.

    So they should just say it.
  • 5yrup
    i've been told i have piercing eyes, but not that it's appreciated lol. i've noticed i do stare at people in general for lengthy amounts of time, but i think that's more a reflection of being confident, bc i'm rarely sexually attracted to people, and actually avoid looking at people i AM attracted to because i'm not interested in entertaining those desires
  • gina589
    Best thing ever, OK second best thing. Most people won't understand this but eye contact in Mardi Gras is an insane turn on and throwing beads yes simple beads at you, try it! Jumping up and kiss a complete stranger is so hot too!
  • MissMillionDollarMan
    Great take! Eye opening *rimshot*.
    Delightfully written.
  • JSmuve
    My 70 something year old male supervisor gave me eye contact. Pretty sure he's not interested in me. Some chick gave me intense eye contact last week... but then also did the same thing to the guy sitting to my left and right. Sooooo, I like the idea, but eye contact doesn't always mean something.
  • morrowlow
    it's not always about affection though. i mean i caught some girl staring at me and she was looking at me in a really hateful way. i didn't blame her because i had inadvertently ignored her before. and i myself have stared at some of the girls who really annoyed me. i think you stare at people when you have strong feelings for them but these feelings aren't always positive.
  • Fite4you
    it shows me confidence and interest. it makes me hard
  • luvstoned4him
    Yep happening to me all now.

    He has some of the intense stares and when I asked him why,

    He said Intrigue him..

  • Youngin392
    How do I balance eye contact?
    I gave off in the distance (incoming train look)
    Or make no eye contact at all
    Me and this guy usually have prolonged and intense eye contact. It lasts somewhere between 3-6 seconds and it feels like time stops though Im usually the one who breaks eye contact lol. Its sometimes way too intense for me
  • Samantha4
    You just cleared my thoughts about why this guy wouldn't stop staring at me. Thank you so much <3 appreciate it.
    So if he stares at me does it mean he is in love, he's very caring too
  • YoyoyoHomie
    When I do it I try to use my mind control powers just like Professor X does to turn you into my new cleaning person, because I hate doing dishes :)
  • Psynax
    I mostly stare at people for fun to see who breaks eye contact first.

    Hint; I normally win.
  • Eternallylucky
    I don't look at people in the eye a lot cos it's rude in my culture to keep looking like that unless they are my friends.
  • krogaan
    me intense eye contact
    The Meaning of Intense Eye Contact
  • dy8alexUk
    For me it's a bit late in life I very rarely get to meet women as I don't drink or go to places where women congregate online it does not count
  • turnmypainintopower1
    I can rip peoples souls out with my eyes apparently 😂
  • Pejtu
    I like to stare at girls straight into her eyes i wanna check her reaction , most of them look down , but i ve seen few that stare at me all time :P
  • Massageman
    It can be tantamount to an interlocking of souls while you are looking deeply into each other's eyes.
  • loveslongnails
    All I know is I couldn't focus because the girl in picture 1 is so fucking beautiful, all I do is want her !!!
  • Lilyanony
    Now what does it mean when it's other classmates or your new gay male friend?
  • smg99
    Mind reader I was re thinking this omg :) today’s posts are fabulous reads :)
  • Intense eye contact could mean:
    A. They want to kill you.
    B. They want to jump your bones.
    C, They see dead people
  • BeMuse
    Bullshit. Everyone says I have intense eyes. It means nothing.
  • armleg
    Does anyone know how to avoid the feelings of creepiness that come with intense eye contact? It always feels like I'm too intense.
  • ATuairiscean
    I love eye contact - By far the most important non verbal contact tool
  • RebeccaSJ
    Hubby and I made an eye connection when we first met. It wasn't long before we wound up in bed.
  • shades777
    oh no the secret is out, quick put on some shades lol.
  • LegateLanius
    I get stared at once in a while, I think my ugly must fascinate people.
  • Notabadguy
    If the girl looks away when I catch her does that apply attraction?
  • SketchForger
    *someone glances at me for a millisecond from 50 feet away*

  • jessemeyer
    I like eye contact. I can see what person is in front of me
  • James981
    It’s so hot if a girl is staring up at you with an intense stare, it drives me cccraaazzyyy
  • Sabrina_gomez
    what if they don't look at you?
    what if they cannot make eye contact?
    • he dont want u

    • @fulloflife yeah figured that out the hard way lmao

    • @fulloflife what if they have sometimes but other times they'll look at you then go quickly?

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  • queenrxse
    Could be serious or maybe they’re just being a creep
    • LastRaven

      Maybe they are being serious, like they actually like the person, but they come off as a creep because they are socially derpy.

    • queenrxse

      Yeah that’s why I said it could be one or the other :)

  • Ragini
    Great take. :)
    thanks for clearing that up
    • Lopezz1999

      You're welcome lol


      what if he's sauntering toward you like a panther staring you down with flames in his eyes

    • Lopezz1999

      If he also happens to be staring in your direction, it's a sign of romantic attraction. It's like he's trying to melt your heart with his approach.

  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • wingattebaby16
    Good written mytake

    Right on point

  • 1828avaava1828