Is 3 days in a row too much?

Is three days in a row to text a guy, too much. I really like him and can't help it. I mean when I text him I always end up seeing him,but is it too much?


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  • I don't see anything wrong with it...

    Just try to notice how often he gets back with you.

    If your texting and most of the time he doesn't text back, then that's a sign to slow down a bit...

    But if he's texting back, as though he is interested, then why would you stop?

    You like this guy, and if he likes you then...

    One thing you should be cautious about is that texting has no emotion.

    So as often as you can send some emotion with your texts...

    For example, I'll tell my girl,

    ...I can't wait to see you again... {Said with a devilish smile}...

    Just try to keep as much of your personality in the text as possible.

    Good Luck and I really hope I helped.


    A Loving Black Man

    • Yeah you helped he usually texts back right away

    • Awesome... so does his text seem like he's interested in whatever your talking about...?

      & so what if you see him afterwards... Just don't let it get tiring...

      Good Luck

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  • Nope, not at all. If you like him, text him all you want.

    Are you trying to play hard to get or something?

    If you are, then I would say, yes, that is too much. Lol.

  • as long as you don't smother the guy. dudes like the attention, sure, and three days isn't too bad. but don't push it too much further without a gap in between


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  • i don't think so by the way thanks for the advise dor my Q. But about you texting himn everyday no its not bad. Don't make yourself look so needy like you have to text him or you will die lol make him want you too. Pay attention on how much he texts you back if a lot then he is also interested if little he's doing his own thing.

  • Well is he texting you back? If he is then it's probably not to much, but if it gets to where he doesn't respond much or only sends one word answers start backing off, and then talk with him sparingly or maybe wait to see if he texts you.

  • YES, period.