I embarrassed myself in front of my crush?

I've been txting my crush from school these past couple of weeks but haven't really been talking face to face that much. anyway, he seems pretty interested in me and I'm definitely quite interested in him. So yesterday he had invited me to a party and I went and I saw him so I walked up to him and was like heyyyy and tried to start the conversation, and it went fine, really, but I was so nervous and awkward around him. I didn't know what to say and I even did the "So umm.. what was it?… oh yeah! Whats up?" and he sorta laughed at me. but the entire time we talked he was standing pretty close to me and was very touchy feely. he kept touching my arm and giving it occasional squeezes and we hugged a few times and stuff.

I just feel really embarrassed that I was so nervous around him and I didn't know what to say so I felt like our conversation was really awkward!! I honestly wanna bury my head in a pillow of embarrassment.
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Earlier we had been talking about going out for coffee together and yesterday he told me that he knows a nice and cozy café that we can go to
I embarrassed myself in front of my crush?
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