Guys, my crush drove me home does that mean he's interested?

My crush's female friend asked me if I liked him and I said I thought he was cute And very nice.

When I got the opportunity to talk to him alone he asked me if I thought he was dating his female friend and I said yeah so he calcified they weren't together.when I asked why it was important wether I thought they were dating or not he was like"um..cause a lot of people think we are and I'm a key figure of gossip in my class"(he took a while to respond)
We ended up talking about prom and he was like "do you plan on going? I guess you'd need a date" and I told him I'd love to go but most don't want to go to prom with a freshman
Keep in mind this convo happened in his car whe he was driving me home after he offered me a ride a freshman and he's a junior.he never asked me to prom or for my number but by this point were kind of we'll aqcuainted with one another.tell me what the signs are?!!!what does he mean by any of this?!!!
Also I asked him if this other freshman boy I kew was his cousin and he was like" yeah he hangs out with the computer geeks.he doesn't talk about you though."
Does that mean his cousin actually does talk about meXD
Guys, my crush drove me home does that mean he's interested?
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