HELP: What to do after dinner on a date?

The guy I'm seeing took me out to lunch and to the cinema last week, something I see as our first date. He made it so special with a simple walk hand in hand down the canal before lunch. It was really sweet. And he paid for everything (which I don't like, but it was sweet).

I have suggested dinner on Monday and he's said 'yes' and I'm hoping it will make us more official as a couple, but I don't know what to do after dinner.

We usually get a takeaway or cook and watch a DVD at his or mine but that's got a bit boring. And that always leads to sex (because we were friends with benefits before we realized there were serious feelings there). Now we are going out somewhere and its more serious, I want to have something planned for afterwards since he put so much planning and effort into last weeks date. I really want to impress him with something special and different.

I have my car and so can drive anywhere easily. Also have a free house and it can be late night because none of us have anything in the morning.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what we can do after dinner in order to have an amazing night?


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  • for some odd reason all the way through that I was thinking about sitting by a candle lit lake or pond? doubt that's possible for you though?

    • Probably not. But loving that!

      Another question: If we're texting we'll have really cute conversations and then all of a sudden he'll stop and won't text anymore. Is there any known reason behind that? Do guys just not think or care about texting. We were just texting and then he just didn't reply. And now I'm a little annoyed and confused and I'm seeing him tomorrow and don't know how to act towards him.

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  • go and look at the ocean or something and hold hands, kiss. that would be romantic.

  • talk or activities that leads to sex...?