Does he like me or nah?

Before I start, I do not like this guy, but one of my best friends has a crush on him, and she got rejected. However, I think this guy likes me? We have 2 classes together. In one of them, he sits at the table in front of me and we face each other, and I'm not that talkative in that class. But in the other class I have with him, we sit across the room from each other. But I do talk a lot in that one. Last week in the first class I have with him, I turned my head towards him, and he was staring at me, and he looked away really quickly. Then in the other class I have with him (the one I talk a lot in) I kept catching him staring at me, maybe like 10 times in one class period? I also caught him staring at me at lunch. Then when I was walking to one of my classes with one of my friends, he was standing by the door staring at me. When I saw him, he looked away as fast as he could, like he always does. I've never talked to this guy by the way, and we're both freshman
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Does he like me or nah?
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