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Do I need to block his number? Or is there a better way to deal with this?

I've had a year long weird connection with a guy- who at first we were fwb, now nothing but very infrequent texts and the sometimes phone call or run in. The problem is, whenever he does text or call, even if it's not for a month, it screws up my head. I begin obsessing over his ever word, and usually make a fool of myself by falling all over my words and making it painfully obvious that I miss the benefits. ( I know horrible) Each time I say I will be stronger, but each time I screw it up.

Anyway, I am finally done with this humiliation, and understand that I have to stop this pattern.

So, should I block his number, avoid him at all costs and just try to forget him? Or do you think I should just continue my life as is, not contact him, and just learn how to better deal with the run ins with him? I must admit that I still want him in my life, but I just don't know what I can truly handle.
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did block and it helped me level out my head. I have unblocked now, because I believe I can maturely change my behavior to him and be smart.
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PROGRESS! Shortly after I unblocked it, he called me a few times. I actually didn't even respond, so flippin' proud of myself! His last phone call he sounded p*ssy and asked me why I didn' t to be friends anymore! LOL!

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I texted him that I would call him later, but plan on waiting about a week or so. Hopefully, I can maintain my pride and stay mature about this, wish me luck!
Do I need to block his number? Or is there a better way to deal with this?
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