How can I get my guy friend to stop being so clingy?

I love my guy friend to death, but he's ridiculously clingy. If he doesn't talk to me every day, he gets sad. He always tells me he misses me a ton when I'm not on I'm and always wants me to stay on longer with him (usually at night when I'm just about to go to bed). If you look on my facebook wall, almost all the recent posts from the last couple weeks are from him. He considers me his best female friend and I do consider him a good male friend, but his clinginess to me makes me uncomfortable. Soon as his schedule frees up, he wants us to hang out non stop. I'm fine with being good friends, but he's getting to the point of overbearing. Clingy makes me run the other way.

At the same time, I reeeally don't want to push him away because he's going through a rough time and really needs someone to talk to. I just feel weird that he's ALWAYS posting on my facebook wall and so attached to me. To be honest, I'm worried that guys I like will think we have a thing because he posts so much (I DEFINITELY don't want that!).

How can I get him to stop being so clingy? And, do guys assume that a girl has a thing with a guy if he accounts for nearly every facebook post easily visible on her wall (I don't respond to any of them or comment on them)?
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He's definitely not gay. I can assure you that. But he doesn't have a lot of other friends. I think I'm really the only person he currently has that he trusts.
How can I get my guy friend to stop being so clingy?
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