Why do men overrate women's appearance, and women underrate men's appearance?

Like, whenever I see a "rate my looks 1-10" question on GaG, it always goes like this:

If it's an average looking girl, men will near unanimously say she's at least a 7 or 8, or that she's "perfect".

But if it's an average looking guy, girls will often say he's a 3 or 4 (if that).

You would think a 5/10 would be the most statistically "true average", with 6/10 being "slightly above average", 4/10 being "slightly below average" etc. Logically, since most people are by mathematical definition "average", you'd expect 5/10 to be the most common mean rating, with very low and very high ratings comparatively rare.

Yet men consistently skew the averages towards the upper end of the curve when rating women. And women do the reverse with men.

Thus you commonly see men "inflating" the moving average for women's attractiveness, to the point that rating a woman below a 7 is effectively viewed as an insult to her looks (even though a 6/10 is technically "above average").

And in the reverse, you see women "deflating" the moving average for men's attractiveness, to the point that an average looking guy expects women to rate him as a 2-4 tops.

This would seemingly confirm the "choosy mate theory" of sexual selection, which posits that women are essentially more picky and judgmental of potential male suitors, whereas men are "less fussy" and will view basically any "average" woman as "good enough".

It's also possible that years of cultural conditioning have ingrained in us that the feminine form is simply more aesthetically pleasing on average than the male form. Hell, most straight women seem to have more aesthetic appreciation of other women's boobs than they have for men's penises.

So, what's your take on this? Why do men overrate women's attractiveness, and women underrate men's? Or do you actually disagree with this basic premise? I wouldn't wanna skew your opinions by presenting such a loaded question after all
Why do men overrate women's appearance, and women underrate men's appearance?
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