How to compliment her over text?

I'm trying to flirt with this girl more over text, like call her pretty and stuff. how can I do so without coming across as creepy? can I steer the conversation towards that destination or something?



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  • tell her you're listening to a song, preferably a love song and tell her that it reminded you of her

    maybe james blunt's you're beautiful


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  • hmmm

    say something like "hye cutie" ...wait for her response, depending on what that is (her response) you can then see where the convo is gonna go...

    wink faces are good, smiley faces, just flirt as if you would in person but you have to make it a little more obvious through text I guess?

    hope thie helps, just do whatever comes natural

    • themastaplan has some good points. Just don't overdue anything or do it excessively. I always got butterflies in my stomach when a guy I was interested in would text randomly with "hey beautiful" or somethingg like that (followed by a what's up or how are you preferably). But also know that some girls (at least speaking for myself) have a hard time taking compliments so she may not know how to respond to it.

    • i know a lot of girls who have hard time taking compliments :/ lol

      but whatson is right :) short and "cute" about it