My boyfriend has feelings for another girl.

I was talking to my boyfriend yesterday about if he still has feeling for his ex. His exact words were: "I do have feelings for her, I mean I got loved her. But not as nearly as much as the feelings I have for you, In other words I've moved on."

Honestly, I don't know what to do about this. My reaction was "wtf, he still has feelings for her" but then my friends were like, you can't stop some one for feeling the way they do about someone else and that the good thing is he has more feelings towards me than her but my question is, what should I do about this? How should I react upon this?

Some people say break up with him, others say stay. I honestly like his guy and I know we can work things out but I don't know if staying would be a good choice.
My boyfriend has feelings for another girl.
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