He likes me a "little bit"?

What does a little bit mean? When I asked him did he like me he smiled and then I asked him again a month later and he said I've been thinking for months how to tell you but no I don't. SO I started to ignore him I was so sure he liked me a lot of people thought so too and a lot of signs showed he did. But just recently my friend told me she asked him about what happened and he said "I like her a little bit and I think she's cute but I

Think she likes me more than I like her." Also both her and another girl said that he's been kinda upset that I've been ignoring him like he wants me to talk to him again. What's going on? Please help. I think that he's both shy and outgoing and that he's not ready to date because his parents don't think so and also this might caught him off guard Or is he being nice and not trying to hurt my feelings as a friend. Please help me :(
He likes me a "little bit"?
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