What does it mean if a guy says "I want to take care of you"?

During intimate relations with my boyfriend of a few months he said "I want to take care of you, you are so beautiful"...I'm an established woman with a career and independent as well so what do you think he meant by this? Sex with him is like nothing I have ever experienced ever - it's definitely love making and we have both cried in each others arms, very intimate & for the first time in such a long time I feel completely vulnerable and madly in love with him.


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  • Guys like to be in charge. It all comes back to bringing home the bacon. Yes you are established, and he knows that and he's not trying to degrade you. He just wants to let you know that he's there for you if you ever need anything


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  • I can't tell you what he means bacause I don't know him, but just be careful you don't set yourself up for a heart break, sometimes guys say stupid things during sex.

  • It seems like things are going well for you, and if this is the case I'm sure he meant no harm by saying this. I'm guessing things are only gunna get better for the two of year.


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