Girls, how should I approach a girl at her job?

I was at Publix with my mom (lol yes, I'm 20 and I was grocery shopping with my mom) and we were getting ready to check out, and when we got to the register I saw this extremely cute girl. (She's a bagger). The whole time I was putting the groceries onto the conveyer, we kept having those awkward glances and she kept smiling at me and sort of blushing. Then as we were leaving, she said to me, "I would ask you if you need help taking the cart to your car, but I think you can handle it," smiling the whole time she was talking. I laughed and basically just said I could handle it, and thank you. Then she told us to have a nice day, but looked directly into my eyes when she said it, and smiled. That was a week ago. I have to make a trip there sometime in the next few days again, on my own this time lol. So any advice from girls on there as to what to say and how to say it? I would ask for advice on how to approach her, but that shouldn't be too difficult considering her job position hahaha.
Girls, how should I approach a girl at her job?
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