"Celebrity crush" double standard between guys and girls?

Say you have two people, a guy and a girl who are dating. One day they are watching TV together and Andrew Garfield(aka Spiderman) shows up on the screen, and the girl says "Oh my god, Andrew Garfield is so hot, I would totally bang him and have his babies!" This is deemed "okay" by the girl and her friends.

Then later on, Kate Upton shows up on the screen and the guy says "Oh my god, Kate Upton is so hot! I would totally bang her and have her babies!" The girl and her friends get mad about it and label him a pervert.

What's up with this, how is it any different between guys and girls? How come girls can say that another person is attractive and its okay, but when a guy says it then it's not okay?

Yes, I got this from a rage comic. link
"Celebrity crush" double standard between guys and girls?
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