Crush asked me to be his roommate.

I've had a crush on one of my guy friends for almost a year now, but I'm shy and never did anything about it. We're less close now than we used to be, but we're both about to graduate and move to NYC. I was going to try to find a studio somewhere since my job isn't that high paying and I don't know anyone else who lives there. The other day I was hanging out with him and some other people, and he asked if I wanted to see about finding a 2-bedroom apartment and living together since we already know each other.

I have no idea if he knows I like him. I have no idea if he likes me. It actually would be a lot cheaper to live with him, but I think I 'm going to go crazy if I'm seeing him all the time but we're not together. Is there any chance we could ever go from living together to dating?
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Thanks for the input guys :)

Weirdly, him having girls over isn't what I'm worried about (we've both dated other people since I've had a crush on him). I think just spending so much time together alone would be hard, because it would feel like we were together. When he brings girls around now, it's easy to remember that we're not together and if anything it pushes me to get over it and pursue my own stuff, you know?
Crush asked me to be his roommate.
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