Crush may like my roommate, I'm afraid this might keep happening to me.

My new college roommate (I have 2) is fairly popular with girls. Lately some of his female friend's friends have been hanging out with us. There is one girl who I think is cute and seems like a sweet girl. The problem is my new friend/roommate is the type of guy a lot of girls fall for. See I'm 5'5" in height, (short for a 24 year old) and he is a few years younger, but like 6'3" or something like that, and good-looking. He is a cool guy to hang out with but I'm afraid that this girl I am beginning to like is more attracted to him. When we were all hanging out, she kept asking him to sit closer to her, and when he sat down in a big chair, she sat at the end of the chair, close to him. I got her number the other night, but not in a "i am asking you out" I said something like, "give me your number so we can ask you to come hang out with us again" Oh, and my roommate probably wouldn't date this girl since he's already chasing after a girl he really likes, but that doesn't necessarily mean the girl will go for me instead.

My roommate is cool, but now I'm paranoid that being next to him when we hang out with people, I'll be invisible to girls, since he is the tall, dark, and handsome type that girls are instantly attracted to, and I'm shorter than even the average guy. And what do I do about this girl? I messaged her on facebook, referring to something funny that happened when we hung out, but she hasn't messaged me back yet. What kills me is that my roommate never sent any signals to her or flirted with her, and I did try to.

What would a girl do in this situation, if the guy she is attracted to isn't available, but his friend was interested in you (but you weren't as attracted to him).
Crush may like my roommate, I'm afraid this might keep happening to me.
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