His true feelings?

Do you think the way a guy hugs a girl can tell her his true feelings? I was just wondering. For example a one handed hug...what would that mean. Patting on the back etc.


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  • I personally think that hugs say a lot. But we're girls...we overanalyze everything!

    Haha. What I've learned from experience is that when a guy gives me a one-armed hug, he's kinda emotionally unattached and sometimes awkward. They kinda hug to get it over with. Some of these guys are uncomfortable even hugging their girlfriends! Don't worry..It's not you...it's them.

    Pats on the back mean that the guy thinks of you in a strictly platonic way. Kinda like one of the guys. It's warm and yet too rough to be considered romantic.

    Hugs of affection are usually when his hands are high up near the shoulders and your back is usually rubbed rather than patted or otherwise. But affection doesn't mean romantic! Which is why when you recieve a hug of comfort, it usually includes a little rub.

    Romantic hugs are obviously the best. You will always know those. The ones that are really long and the guy kinda rests his head on top of yours or in the crook of your neck. It feels as if he's taking his time or breathing you in. If he bends down it's because he wants to feel your arms around him as well. Be aware of the placement of the hands. This is not me talking, but it's proven that the lower his hands are placed on your back, the more romantically or sexually he thinks of you. So if it's just above your butt, watch out!

    You can find out more about this by doing research on things like body language. It's actually kind of interesting. Have a look!

    • I think you covered it all.

    • Heh heh...is that sarcasm?

      You're a guy...what do you think?

    • No, that wasn't sarcasm.

      I think that one-handed hugs mean little to people or they are preoccupied.

      Two-handed hugs have many meanings:

      If the guys hands are up higher near the shoulder it means its friendly.

      If the guys hands are lower it could mean something sexual.

      The tighter the hug the more it means.

      The longer the hug, the greater chance of something more happening.

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  • Depends on the person.

    I'm not a good hugger, and I remember being too nervous to give a girl a full hug in the past.

  • Sometimes I suppose it can, but sometimes it doesn't reflect how the guy feels. Like the other day I only hugged a girl with one arm because I had a drink in my hand but my a hand I hugged her with was quite low down. So my point is sometimes it doesn' t matter and that everything shouldn't always be over analysed because the guy may think of it just as a hug. Hope that helped.

  • A hug is not enough to tell how much a guy likes you. I've received hugs from our minister's wife more than some of the women I have dated, but I know the wife has no feelings for me. The story goes the opposite way too.


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  • Yeah. It does seem to mean alot. For example

    Pat on the Back- Means they want to let go

    Rub on Back- Affectionate. It can depend it the rubbing is hard or soft. Hard rubbing means sexual and soft rubbing means comfort.

    Holding the girls head- Means they want you closer.

    Squeezing- Means they're happy to see you (the rumor is that they can feel you're chest better when doing this but a guy has yet to admit that.)

    One Handed- Buddy hug if above the waist.

    Hope this helps!


    • Very interesting, this info should be register at wikipedia. jk

      but I know a friend who might do that if he reads this

    • I'll admit to that lol

  • I don't think that a hug can always tell how a guy feels about a girl but sometimes it might be a good hint. A pat on the back sounds friendly. A one handed hug does too but if the guy keeps his arm around a girl for awhile then he could be trying to hold onto her while not making it awkward as a long regular hug. Also I'd think that if a guy holds onto a girl tighter or longer while hugging then he probably has more feelings towards her than just a friendship unless he's trying to comfort her.

  • yeah I think so. I mean, I have had hugs from guys and some were friendly hugs and some were more than that. I think friendly hugs don't last as long as 'more than that' hugs if that makes any sense lol. and I would think - a pat on the back is more of a friendly gesture

  • it really depends on the guy...

    cuz I have a lot of guy friends that hug everyone they see and they hug everyone the same. like most of them are into the really long hugs and sometimes they like to be funny during the hug like walking around and making it look like one of us is drunk or something...

    but 3/4 of my friends are guys and about half of them give the same type of hugs which are the ones I just talked about... the other half are just into short hugs that only last a second or 2 and they do that with everyone... even the people they like.

  • It means they just want to be friends if anything more it would be a tight hug not with all the patting.

  • yes and no

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