How to get this guy out of my system and stop thinking about him?

--To the guys. If a girl told you that you were an ass for treating her the way you did, how would you react?

--To the girls. Would you ever tell a guy that he was an ass for treating you the way he did?

A little about me, I'm a straightforward, honest, easy-going girl whose just looking for a decent guy (but these days there is no hope/ some men are just jerks)

So, basically. There is this guy that makes the move first in that he said, "we should hang out sometimes. " because I only see him at clubs and parties! So, he gives me his number! (before he left the club he comes up to me and reminds me that we should most def. Hang out so call me) being busy with some many things, I didn't even contact him (I should have though). Then I see him last weekend at a club and he tells me that I've waited to long to call him then he says I'm just kiddin. Throughout the night I was gettin signs that he was interested in me like his eyes gazin at me now and then when he or I pass by each other! I call him the next day, but he doesn't pick up so I leave him a message! Its been a week and he hasn't called me! But I had my birthday party this thursday and he came and we barely talked but he still would look at me whenever I was near him. He was bein nice but I don't know what he wants! Because he made the first move. I call him. He doesn't call me back. He comes to my party. And still nothing!

**this is just the jist of everything.There's more! **

My friends say that I should just forget about him and move on, because he's a jackass like that for givin me mixed signals and playin with my feelings! I'm trying to move on and forget about him, but I can't get him OUT OF MY SYSTEM! And I want to do something about it!

So, what do you guys and girls thinks I should do?

--go with telling him straightforward that he's an ass for what he's doin!

--or talk to him first if he was ever interested in me or not and tell him how I feel about what he's doin (even though maybe he doesn't realize it) and just move on!

How to get this guy out of my system and stop thinking about him?
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