Can you answer these simple questions?


I used to do this kind of thing with another website I was part of, that went downhill and I no longer belong to it. So here are some quick questions for you; if you care to answer you can either cut and paste the questions and answer, or just number your answers. I'm not picky. I can also allow you to write out one question of your own.

Getting to know you, #3759

1. I like to have tea/coffee/orange juice in the morning.
2. How do you like your tea/coffee?
3. I’m a big breakfast eater. T/F
4. I have 3 meals a day/ I eat less than 3 meals daily
5. How doe you like your steak/chicken/other?
6. My temperament can best be described as quick to anger/slow to anger
7. The best pet in my opinion is a _______
8. The best meal I've had is __________.
9. The worst food I’ve had in my life is _______
10. I’ll take my pizza with ___________.
11. If I could live anywhere in the world or in the states, I’d choose______ because __________.
12. The best place I’ve traveled to was to _______.
13. My most embarrassing moment was when_______.
14. I’ve give an arm to see ______(or do).
15. The best word that describes me is _________.

11 mo
1. I vary between tea and coffee. 2. Coffee, cream and no sugar/tea with milk 3. NOT a big breakfast eater; don't eat it. 4. Two meals a day. 5. Steak-medium rare/chicken broiled. 6. I'm slow to anger 7. Dog or cat 8. I like a nice juicy steak with white rice. 9. Anything too salty 10. Pizza with mushrooms and onions. 11. Europe-- I love older buildings and the food is much better, in my opinion. 12. Spain. 13. Accidentally went into a man's bathroom 14. Cruise around the world 15. Kind
Can you answer these simple questions?
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