Valuable Women vs Women With Value

Valuable Women vs Women With Value

You may find the two having the same meaning but in reality, it has a different definition. Let me differentiate them. A valuable woman is basically a female with a strong personality and a powerful one but she has no sympathy to other and has a bad attitude. Whereas the woman with value is also strong and powerful but is considerate and respectful to others. I'll be explaining what both of them do with their lives.

1.) A valuable woman is a bossy person that yells at people to get things done her way. A woman with value is a leader and helps others accomplish things.

2.) A valuable woman is entitled and selfish expecting things to be done for her but never appreciate anything while a woman with value appreciates things that she only has and doesn't expect anything in return.

3.) A valuable woman puts down others while a woman with value lifts them up.

4.) A valuable woman never makes time for her BF/husband, and a woman with value is willing to compromise for her man because she loves him.

5.) Valuable women sets unrealistic standards for men. And women with value improves herself and simply creates boundaries for a healthy relationship.

6.) A woman with value knows how to comfort their man when they are opening up about their insecurities because we all have them. While a valuable woman gets turned off.

7.) Women with value are generous for their BFs/husbands while valuable women are arrogant.

8.) Women with value always stick up for their man while valuable women claim they don't miss him.

9.) A woman with value makes her BF/husband a priority, while a valuable woman puts him last.

10.) The woman with value supports her man's accomplishments and is proud of him, while the valuable woman makes fun of it and even compares him to other men.

Now ladies, figure out to see which are you. If you happen to be with your man, then you might consider taking a look at yourselves first before complaining that he isn't perfect.

Valuable Women vs Women With Value
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  • sid_bang

    This is very well knows as alpha females and beta females. Alpha females are valuable women and beta women are "women with values". Alpha males are alpha females do not make a healthy and happy relationship for long run. Beta males and beta females can anticipate long life but get bored of each other easily.

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  • Anonymous

    This is a great article. So called ''valuable women" also often refer to themselves as "strong independent women" and like to explain their persistent failures with men by saying men are intimidated by them and must be weak, which of course is not true at all.

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  • Gottabsavagee

    Wow thanks for sharing that. So which one are you?

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  • BrokenMoon

    Neither. I'm considerate and respectful but I don't have a strong personality. I also don't have a boyfriend or husband so... Sorry of my opinion was irrelevant...

  • MzAsh

    Who made this up? This is the first I’ve heard of this.

  • Valuable women means people find her valuable. Women with value means she finds herself with values.

  • I've never heard this distinction before.

    • It's similar as strong women vs women with strength.

  • Nikunj70

    Women with value

  • lovelyboy85

    sexy women