Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?


This Mytake is my personal advice based on what I have experienced personally and seen from others on what type of women to avoid regardless if she's gorgeous or not.

Failure to ignore these warning signs will bring you nothing but headaches and misery if you ever seriously get involved with the following types of women because it will only get worse and worse with time once they expose their true personality.

The Flattering Tongue.

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

I will address this one first because this is the main trait of a trashy woman who hides behind her facade to find a way to get her feet in the door she's seeking to get into for whatever her purposes are.

Pay close attention to listen wheather it's with you or someone she's talking too to pick up the tiny red flags.

These types of women are very skillful and quick with words to say and know how to use their mouth to their advantage.

She's the type that will always pretty much appeal to a man's ego by speaking agreeable words to feed his ego even if she doesn't mean it.

Her compliments are excessive and often with a smile and with lots of charm to make the experience seem genuine.

She's a fake and a chameleon. Her real personality sucks and she also carries a high degree of being unfaithful due to her flirty ways.

She Doesn't Know When To Shut Up.

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

On average women like to talk more than men throughout the day, but anything in excessive will become a burden very quick!

You as a man should be very cautious when talking to a woman and you notice you can't get a word in or she constantly interrupts you when you speak.

This motor mouth of a woman will have your head ready to explode because she doesn't know when to shut the hell up and leave someone alone. She also tends to complain a lot too.

Are you sure you want to live in the same house with her? 🙄

Non-Submissive Attitude.

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

I dislike unsubmissive women; it's a major turn off with these hard headed goats.

This woman isn't wife material unless you are one of those soft cucks who like woman to be the leader.

She's the type of dominate personality that likes to contradict for the sake of rebellion that her spirit is.

For ex: You and others might say it's very cold outside today, but she can't help her fat mouth and stay quite, but has to let everyone know she doesn't agree with them.

And she pretty much will do this with everything else even when she's not asked.

These women are the ones that like to say relationships are 50/50, equal partnerships or don't believe or scoff that men should be the leaders of the household and won't obey when spoken to and give a bad attitude.

If you don't want constant fights, arguments and drama then stay away from this stubborn ass woman.

She Dresses Like A Hooker.

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

I'm all for a woman to look and dress sexy, but there must be a boundary as well.

A woman that extends herself to show lots of cleavage or wear a super short skirt is because she's full of vanity, ego and pride and pretty much has very little to no positive substance on the inside so she makes it up by trying to show her excessive body parts for admiration and attention. These women also tend to be whores.

The Hot Head.

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

LOL. This right here. I once had a girlfriend that ran full speed with a machete in her hand towards me and literally put it inches away from my face; my heart probably skipped 5 consecutive beats.

Look, if you notice this kind of woman tends to get angry with co-workers, in traffic or the waiter or waitress over petty stuff then cut her loose.

You will be experiencing her rage from 0 to 100 in heavy doses if you decide to ignore the signs and get with her.

She's Never Home.

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

Having a great time with friends is cool and I strongly encourage it, but if you notice when you talk to a woman and she is never home then that is a red flag this woman won't be a good wife nor mom to her kids.

This is the type that as soon she leaves work has to go to the local sports bar for drinks, hang out at her friend's house, go to downtown to see the latest events etc.

She acts like this literally 7 days a week, there's no balance to her; she's gotta always be everywhere, but home.

Sarcastic Mouth.

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

If you're talking to a woman or hear her mock others, this is a tiny flag that she has a slick disrespectful mouth and personality.

If you get a new hair cut she will make sure to ridicule you or diss your shoe style, but she often hides her mean spirited ways by smiling and laughing while saying it to make you think she's joking. She's not joking, trust me.

She's a freaking little b*&#$ and will always try to make you feel bad about yourself and second guess you a lot to make you feel stupid.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?
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  • JohnSanDiego
    #1 trait a woman should have in my opinion, is loyalty. If she's loyal to me, sexually, physically, emotionally, then there's a lot she can get away with. I'm not that concerned with how she dresses or if she cops a sassy , sarcastic attitude with me. Part of being a strong, masculine male, is not being bothered by a woman's idiosyncrasies and quirks. If she dresses like a slut, that's OK, provided she's my slut, and she's not spreading her legs for other men. I don't care if other men look at her and desire her, good.

    If she is loyal, respectful towards me, that goes a long way in making me take her seriously as a partner. I personally have zero tolerance for BS. So, if I have a girlfriend and she tells me she wants to go party at a nightclub with her girlfriends, on a "girls night out", I'm not having it. She can do whatever she wants, but she's not my girlfriend anymore. I had a girlfriend that tried to pull one of those on me and I told her:

    "Well, I don't want you going to one of those nightclubs, because that's just a meat market, where single people go to hookup and get laid. Why do you want to go there? Don't you already have a boyfriend? ".

    She was like "Oh I just want to spend some time with my female co-workers, to get to know them..". I was like, "that's the only place you can go to spend some time with your girlfriends out of work?" Well, I told her, to do whatever she wants, but I don't want a girlfriend that still wants to party with her girls at nightclubs, especially without me. So, I broke up with her right there on the spot, after us being together for about four months.

    She called me a week later wanting to get together again and I was like "No, we're not compatible. I'm not looking for the party girl that still wants to hookup with other guys. I don't share my girlfriend with anyone. You were different when we first met and now you want to go party hardy with your girls at the club, without me. We're not on the same frequency." and that was that. Lay the rules early, even before you enter into a relationship. That was my mistake, not extending the dating period out for a few months. We got into a relationship, only after two weeks of dating. Extend the dating for about two months and get to know her first, as her questions (interview her).

    Loyalty #1.
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    • I understand loyalty is very important but for you to know if a woman is loyal or not you would have to get with her first since there's no obvious signs will she be loyal or not.

      This Mytake is signs to look out for to avoid a disaster of a woman in the 1st place.

    • I liked reading your comment! I admire when a man knows exactly what he wants

    • Aiasis

      An early sign to avoid disloyalty from anyone is to ask them a couple of what if scenarios that aren't consecutively placed in a conversation. Their true self will show at some point in their answers of the "what if."

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  • Massageman
    I agree with all except the last one. To ridicule something is not- in itself- using sarcasm. If someone just complains about everything no matter what, they are just a "complainer". Ssarcasm is a figure of speech which typically structured to speak of an exaggerated opposite of what is really happening., or to overstress the obvious.
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    • Yeah, what I meant to say she has a disrespectful mouth but uses "sarcasm" to try to hide her mean spirit if you get my drift?

    • Got it.

    • tiajoka

      I agree, I'm sarcastic and like to make jabs at people; especially the ones I like the most. If I go to far or hit it where it hurts, and they let me know, I'll apologize. Communication is on the guy for that. But if he can't handle a couple jokes then he's the little bitch lets be honest.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • CallyKat89
    After looking at the MyTake you linked as well as a few other things you have posted, I would just like to point out that you view people as static creatures of habit. This might be your preference and that's fine. But your examples are misrepresenting the traits you're demonizing. This is exemplified in your representation of a dominance struggle. The examples you list are invalidation and brow-beating rather than a real shift in the power structure.
    I also disagree with the red flags you list. I believe that men should focus on the toxic aspects of a woman's personality rather than her humor and tendencies to talk. Avoiding red flags is imporant to dating but I think that the flags you have listed here are incredibly trivial and potentially offensive to some women. In most cases, this viewpoint leads to conflicts because neither party is willing to compromise. If you have an issue with what she wears or says, tell her that you are uncomfortable not that she is the problem. This is again exemplified in your statements on dominance and submission. In reality, with the right approach, people are incredibly dynamic and open to conversation.
    If there is an open line of communication most real problems could be solved with a calm conversation.
    People are capable of change and for a real relationship to work, there must be a give and take. Before finding immediate fault in your partner, do some inner reflections. It could be that you're projecting a person who is not your partner onto your woman, and becoming angry when she doesn't act the way you want her to. If that is the case the problem is you and most relationships you find yourself in will be unhappy.
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    • I guarantee any man that ignores those common red flags and winds up with a woman that possesses any of those nasty traits will regret it; in fact any honest man that had a bad girlfriend or wife had at least one of those traits and he will testify it was hell for him being with her.

    • @Hispanic-Cool-Guy I understand that you are speaking from your own specified experience, but it sounds like you lack the emotional maturity to work through issues as a unified couple. It sounds like you have to be right in every situation, which will definaetly lead to a ton of conflict. What you have listed here are not common red flags and I think your own personal relationships are being projected onto every woman who acted similarly to your exes.

    • I promise you it isn't. This is wisdom, maybe you're the one that is being biased as a woman because this Mytake hurts your ego.

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    I think adults who need to FEEL like other adults to submit to them, are highly emotional themselves yet lack the emotional / intellectual maturity and strength of character and should not be in a relationship until they grow as a person; Learn to recognize their own short comings and are able to Work WOTH and communicate WITH and make recursion a WITH other adult To solve conflicts and make plans like adults; Not spoiled 5 year old stomping their feet insisting every one must bow to bc I say so.

    This is not rational. It is really very silly fanciful and childish.

    This kind of expectation Will only create dysfunctional relationship with a short shelf life. The more rational a partner this kind of person has, the shorter period of time the relationship will last.
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    • You're blowing things completely out proportion and grossly misinterpreting the word submit out of its context.

      I would never abuse or force or guilt trip my woman to do anything against her will or try to control her as a person nor advocate that philosophy to anyone.

      I was simply trying to say that a woman should submit to her man as her leader depending if that man is good and fair to her as I have said before on this site.

    • @VIVANT I can agree with that. I do have one question however. And that is, does this comment still apply for people who are the inverse and therefore prefer for themselves to be radically submissive towards their adult partner, e. g. prefering a "daddy"? Because I do think partners like this are the kinds of partners the MyTake author is responding to when he says male dominance makes relationships function smoothly. And most self proclaimed submissive partners that I've seen in peraon and across the web are women. And females are the selecters in most if not all animal species; therefore women have the most authority over who gets to have relationships, because again, biology appears to tell us that women are the faces of natural selection.

    • I should say *prefering a "daddy/or mommy"*

      Also to clarify, I not only mean that among submissive partners, most seem to be women, but that it seems to me that most female partners in general are submissive and prefer/or are attracted to, a dominant male.

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  • Bee-Hatch
    WTF is wrong with you? if you really believe all this there's only one thing you can do. Convert to Islam and move to the middle east. You'll find plenty of folk who share your outlook on all these bad things women do, and if they step out of line on you, you can beat them back into submission.
    • Battooot

      You clearly don't really know much about Islam, and you clearly have never been to the middle east.

      Coming from someone who lived in Syria (before the war) and Abu Dhabi (in UAE) for over 18 years. It is nothing like you described.

    • @Bee-Hatch: You clearly missed the point.

    • Djaay

      You seem as a very unGodly women all men should definitly avoid. Thanks for being such an example

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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    You sound like a man that is extremely controlling. To sum up what you prefer in women based on the reasons provided in your MyTake, you seem to want a woman that stays quiet, allows her husband to control her by submitting to him, not dress in a way that she prefers or feels comfortable, doesn't stand up for herself, is a complete homebody, and has no sense of humor. People interrupt others when they talk all the time, both men and women. That doesn't mean that they can't live together, work things out, or learn to agree to disagree. A woman should never submit to a man. Women are not men's property. Women are capable of making their own decisions and living their own lives. Relationships should never be about one being a "leader" over another person, but rather teamwork. Good spouses help each other out at all times. If that man ever decides that, for whatever reason, he stops being the "leader," that submissive woman is doomed. If a woman wants to show off her God given body for whatever reason, be it for attention or whatnot, she has every right to do so. No man should ever dictate what a grown woman wears on her own body. If you had women that pulled machetes on you, obviously that says a lot about your dating choices.

    Try to be wise enough to spot and avoid crazy women. A woman isn't a "hot head" simply because she gets angry and stands up for herself. It's unhealthy to force women to be weak and become shrinking violent doormats. Women, for the most part, tend to be social and enjoy experiencing the world and people in it. We don't like staying in the house playing video games all day, for example. We're going to go out and enjoy ourselves whenever we choose. Just because you enjoy going out often doesn't mean that a woman can't be a good wife and mother. Sarcasm is usually a way for people to express their sense of humor. It sounds like you're paranoid and believe that every time a woman is being sarcastic or whatever, she's actually being serious and trying to hurt you. Lighten up and laugh along. When you get married, I feel sorry for her if she ever decided to speak up and speak out during an argument or whatnot, ever try to make her own decisions in the household, wear clothes to show off her own body, stand up for herself, ever try to leave the house to have fun, or ever try to joke around with you. I hate to think about the constant hell that she would be put through just so she could behave in a way that you think the perfect woman should.
    • You can't read or are purposely looking to rip stuff out of context. Try again.

    • PatKirby

      You sound like an entitled, presumptuous, narcissistic, non-loving person with delusions of grandeur. Roughly a 4 thinking the world sees you as a 9, removing those rose-tinted glasses of yours would be the first step in facing reality.

    • @PatKirby: And you sound like a weak, diffident, overly sensitive little man with a micropenis. A "man going his own way" simply because, with women, he knows that he couldn't have his own way if he tried. You're seriously telling me that I am "roughly a 4" and that I need to face reality, when you're using a stock photo as your profile picture? If you're going to judge other people's looks, at least have the confidence to use your own profile pictures. That's too much to expect from a MGTOW guy though, right. We all know y'all lack confidence. If you're really 42 behind this account, please grow up, stop playing on the internet, and try to gain some confidence.

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  • lexiepotter
    These are all exaggerated traits. Some women have these to an extent, but you describe everything to the extreme. I think dealing with absolutes Is not the way
    • A individual woman might have all these traits, one or a couple, nevertheless these traits a woman can have are horrible and not worthy of relationship material.

  • Gottabsavagee
    I am guilty 😂 I do like guys attention so I do dress good to catch guys attention. I am addicted to that however not like really slutty 😂

    I do talk sht about others cause I find it fun but I’d never diss someone to hurt them. If it’s shit talking it only stays between me and the person I’m telling it to.
    • Being a gossip isn't cool. I like your honestly though.

    • jwsstein

      You like dressing good to catch guys attention this is amazing I like it when woman dress amazing and catches my full attention and so now you have it you should send a picture of your beautiful jaw dropping self in something really nice

    • roland77

      I don't care about how a female is dresses. Only when it comes to re-identify her in the middle of a big crowd and then take her to a one-on-one place. I do care more in characteristics and 2 I dislike is being submissive or dominant. I'm #Libra at heart and I truly love real equality, not fake, anti-male "equality".

  • nella965
    There is this misconception that there is "one woman fits all" for all men in the world. I have seen non submissive, hot headed , sarcastic women who are HAPPILY MARRIED to their husbands. There is no one size fits all woman for all men. These things are just your preferences or dislikes for your partners. It is in no way a reflection for all men. Some men like hot headed women, some men like women with an attitude, some men are not attracted to kind women.

    This post just comes to shows the level of lack of experience you have.
    • Djaay

      Men dont fall in love with smart ass women , they fall in love with KIND women.

    • nella965

      @Djaay I am one of the kindest souls on earth and I can tell you thats not true. I know this from experience. Kind guys fall for kind women. Men who are not kind, do not tend to fall for kind women. And yes, being smart WILL increase a man's attraction and respect for you. We all want to pass on good genetics. Not man likes a dumb bimbo who can't do well in school.

    • Djaay

      Its absolutely true... Women or men who engulf themselves with secular societal extremities or intellectual worldly academics are not following GODS commanded commandments.
      Plain and simple.
      Wisdom from GOD is the law of Kindness and this where true kindness comes from.

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  • HomoFuge
    So, in other words, be prepared to die alone because most women have one of these traits.
    • You're right to an extent.

    • Which is why the white population is dropping and we have men going their own way - women are raised to be angry obnoxious creatures as if that is somehow sweet or endearing. the new goal is to be the woman-child forever (and those, unlike man-child guys, don't get fixed by anything).
      Luckily the minority don't posses any of those traits - the rest also get to die alone.

    • morrowlow

      we'll have sex robots and dogs to keep us company. you better worry about yourself

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  • JSmuve
    Agreed. I definitely don't want a duplicitous, obnoxious, domineering, hot-headed, mouthy girl who dresses like a ho and would make an unfit mother. But the picture of the woman you have as "dressing like a hooker" is totally gorgeous. It shouldn't be legal to look that good.
    • LOL.. I could have picked another but yeah she is very pretty.

    • Obviously a hooker 😂

    • SueAnon84

      Boob job... and being a healthy twenty something!

      ... I have similar assets but I don't want to be arrested for indecent exposure!

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  • Saris1
    Submission is earned, not gifted. I have zero reason to be or act submissive to a man until he proves himself to me. But if he verbally demands submission? LOL... All I think of is a small man with a lack of confidence in himself.
    • I agree. You should be submissive to a man who has earned it by showing you he cares for you and loves you.

    • Lol but... I don't think that's quite what she means. That's just my suspicion tho

    • I'm not sure what exactly she means by "earned". I have an idea, let's say, but in her blunt honesty she may be referring to something other than reasonable competence, and may be instead pointing to a type of masculinity that feminism has almost killed.

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  • burlen
    Good observation but I think women with a false sense of entitlement should be included in your write-up.

    One of my biggest turn-offs with some women nowadays is they feel and think entitled to certain treatment from men and society because of their sex or gender. This sense of entitlement can be subtle and explicit.

    The explicit form could be "I want a guy who can make me laugh"; "Book a taxi for me". "You should wait for me—because I'm a woman, and you're the guy". "You should take me out for dinner". "You haven't changed the bulb"

    I recently came back from Milan, Italy to celebrate my birthday with my best friend and two Russia girls. I expected four us to split the cost of the apartment we rented for two nights. The girls didn't contribute a dime. My friend and I did the grocery shopping.

    We stepped out for dinner; my friend and I opted to use public transport to the restaurant. The girls insisted we should use uber, which is expensive than public transport. I said then called the uber; one of the girls responded I should. I asked why; she responded because I'm a woman. This is just one of the many instances the girls came across entitled because they happen to be women.
    • roland77

      Selfish women they are! I dated one African and she expected me to pay. I looked at her face when we were asked to pay and she just looked (expecting me to pay) back at me. So I payed. On next date, I ask her (other woman) to split the bill!

    • kim45456

      If you agrre with this, you an antiwoman

  • Grande_Beefy_Swirl
    Ah, yes. Advice from the king of female behavior. 👏 let us all bow before him: Lord of all that is Female, and let him tell you what is and is not acceptable in his kingdom.
  • kim45456
    Every guy who agree with that shit is gay. Period. You clearly hate women and dont like the female nature. If you dont like women, then go fuck your own gender. And this is the guy you should avoid at any cost.
    • kim45456

      I mean every woman have some traits you descriped

    • Djaay

      I agree with GOD and all of his commanded commandments and I despise homosexuals as well... so were saying ?

    • ronaldo75

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. SO a guy tells other men not to date bitches and you call him gay? YOU JUST MAD THIS STRUCK A NERVE.

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  • Kiran_Yagami
    Don't forget obnoxious amounts of selfies and self indulgent posts on social media. A woman who values only herself, her image, and those who stroke her ego is a huge red flag. You look at her instragram and you'd think she's single, even when she's been dating a man for a year. Don't be that poor schmuck.
    • roland77

      Here in social media, they portray them as kind and loving but in real world, slutty as hell. Sure not all women are liars but that is not what I'm saying.

  • Gstacy703
    I don’t think guys like dealing with bitchy dominant types that are controlling or that go as far as looking into their phones or restrict them from going out with their friends...
    • roland77

      Thanks! True equality is the word, not some anti-male fake-equality.

    • kim45456

      So are women. We dont a controlling wanna be dominant bastard

    • @kim45456 Yeah, you want a limp-dick soy boy with a fat wallet.

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  • The-White_Queen
    Excellent Mytake. Very honest and straight forward.
  • roland77
    With my 2nd ex-wife in mind, I can agree with you. She was very touchy at me and blamed me for all and everything. Very frustrating and it causes depression on me because she was a #Filipina and I had a cute daughter with her. Now she tries everything to keep me away from my daughter.

    @Hispanic-Cool-Guy Wanna see a picture? PM me!
  • MysteriousDarkness
    A guy can be a hot head and or hardly be home, and or have a sarcastic mouth as well.
    • I understand that and you're correct in all your points.

      A man with a bad temper generally though will have to be pushed to get there while women generally are emotional by default and a woman with a bad temper combined with they tend to be emotional already can easily get triggered by the slightest things.

      #2: A woman's home is her domain and let's not act like a woman that is always roaming the streets isn't whoring around neither. You wanna thot for a wife?

      #3: You and I know most men won't be disrespectful or have a slick mouth towards women. You won't hear a man say... oh man your hair looks like trash even with smile or joking around because they know and understand women can easily be hurt by silly stuff like that unlike men.

    • @Hispanic-Cool-Guy
      Not all guys need to be pushed to show anger.
      Why do you believe if any woman who is not home much is automatically having sex with others?
      There are a lot of disrespectful guys out there.

    • You're thinking in black and white. Most men are logical and react with logic while women are emotional and react with emotions.

      And anyone including women pretty much knows a woman that's always in the streets is being promiscuous except you.

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  • KrispyKrunch
    Wow everyone here is getting all excited about some guys thoughts on his idea of the wrong type of women. You dont even know him in real life nor do you know what he's dealt with. Some of it is extreme, but come on, if it was a woman writing about bad men or women, most would be like "oh really?" AND "I believe it".
    • roland77

      True words, thank you! We don't know who he is and who she was. We don't even know their relationship and entire life to make such judgments what @Tiffany_Taylor_Made seem to make.

  • Djaay
    Any woman who doesn't honor GOD and his commanded commandments should be absolutely avoided.
    Men who engage with women who dont honor GODS voice are engaging with the serpent of darkness who will ultimately derail your destiny before GOD during judgment.
    If she's not with GOD , then she's with the devil. There is NO middle ground.
    • Djaay

      And by the way... CHRIST IS THE HEAD OF MARRIAGE as both of you together submit with the man as head of the household and the woman who submits to CHRIST through her husband... not for ber husband..

    • Djaay

      And dont forget that men are also commanded to lead women spiritually to GOD. We are directed to save her from to lead her to a living loving God through CHRIST .

    • Djaay

      GOD says the majority on earth will never make it to heaven... the down votes makes it real clear of that already..

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  • startingfitness
    you got all them bitches riled up with this one xD.
    not so funny anymore when it happens the other way I guess.

    these are some interesting points though. the first two points two specific people I knew come into my mind. and yes they are definitely the type to avoid
    • roland77

      Just let it happen other way around, she will loose hell on him!

    • kim45456

      Triggered bastard

  • meesegoMoo
    You forgot about the women who don't speak. I can't stand people who refuse to admit they have a problem with you, or force things to escalate because they wouldn't to say what was bothering them.

    Seen more than a few men in bad marriages because of this.
    • kim45456

      So you want a submissive woman aka a slave?

    • meesegoMoo

      @kim45456 Sure. Because slaves back-talked their masters all the damn time. What part of that seems submissive? I want somebody who is willing to speak up when they have an issue with me. And if it's her choice is it wrong to be submissive? I'd prefer somebody who wasn't a bitch, but if the alternative was a mindless non-entity I would go the other way. A small amount of submission is all I could really handle, it's creepy otherwise.

    • kim45456

      He complains how women are not submissive

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  • Slim57
    I agree completely any woman who disagrees is clearly one of these women, the offense taken is hilarious, and even though a lot of women are like the ones described in this post, I promise you guys, not all are like that, good ones exist but are harder to find by the minute. Great mytake
    • sarah3324

      thank GOD I make it obvious I disagree with posts like these... so I don't attract any of the foul men like you or the person who posted this. I have been much happier with men who actually respect me- no need to waste my time on immature, weak men like you, who act like children!!

    • roland77

      And thanks to my girlfriend she is really a kind and loving person, never submissive, I don't want that. She is never quiet, I don't want that either. But also never dominant, I want true equality and some fake-equality where the woman has more rights than the man.

    • roland77

      #tzpo: +not

  • ErikKantor
    You’re pretty much spot on with this, I’ve met most of those personalities and some with multiple of them.
    So yeah, if you encounter any females like this i would strongly suggest that you walk the other way.
    • roland77

      Means, keep distance from them, especially from feminists 3.0.

  • Syrian_survivor
    I think women on this post should try learning a thing or two from this Take instead of crying and complaining about the world, some of his points are mostly valid while others not so much, but my point still stands, grow the fuck up because whining helps nobody, learning and knowing where you can improve helps everyone.
    • roland77

      More listening, lesser talking is the rule of good communication. :-) They should know it, my ex-wife didn't.

  • CalabrianClaudia
    Some men like these kinds of women. I don't see why these qualities are bad. Some women are chatter boxes and very direct! This means they don't deserve love? And I think getting angry is normal. Everyone get angry.
    What did you do piss her off so much that she came after you with a machete?
    I think your problem is that Latino like yourself are extremely mysonginistic and expect women to submit to you, and if we don't, we are bad! If anything, it's men like YOU women should stay away from.
    • By the way, your username name is very narcissistic. Why don't you let others decide if you are cool? Because you seem like a Hispanic DUMB guy, not a cool one

    • You sound like a real pain in the ass.

    • @KrakenAttackin I'm just telling it like it is. Italian women have a lot of the qualities he listed, so if every man thought like him, my people would go extinct. It's not my fault he cannot handle tough women. Men like him just expect us to shut up and submit, and when we stand up for ourselves WE'RE the bad ones.
      Also, it's a known fact that some races are more misogynistic than others. I've met a lot of minotiry women who say they prefer white men for this very reason.

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  • sean1234
    I've said this before and another christian guy thought the same thing in a chat room... "Why does it seem like the second coming of Jesus will come before I even find a girlfriend, let alone a wife?" Hopefully not. Its the will of Jesus, whatever he decides.
  • LukasOAwesome20
    I hate women and can never seen myself in a relationship with one. Luckily, I am gay so I don't have to put up with their shit :p

    Of course, I am being sarcastic. I think this post is bullshit.
  • KrakenAttackin
    There is absolutely, positively, ZERO reason for a man to get married in this day in age -- NONE!

    Guys, if you are dumb enough to get married, you will soon realized you married the GOVERNMENT and your wife literally OWNS YOUR ASS with no accountability. The moment she decides to upgrade or simply get rid of you, all she has to do is pick up the phone and you are GONE.

    Marriage = Male Slavery.
    • roland77

      It might feel that way because women got more rights in some areas than us. But certainly there are still good women out there not abusing their rights and even when government tells them to do so because "it is with the laws". I normally have to pay 270 EUR support for my daughter living with my ex-wife who is with a richer man together while I'm receiving only social money... Think that is fair? Na, it is never fair. But sure the money is for my daughter, I want to believe that but truth is that they can do what ever they want with that money. Booking a holiday trip on my expenses, not on his. My daughter should later sue them for doing such things and demand her money from them I (read: my parents) payed to her!

    • @roland77 In this day in age why do you have to get married to have a child with someone? I believe in marriage before God, but not the government.

    • roland77

      @KrakenAttackin Because that is the only way of getting a foreigner you love so much over here and stay with you.

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  • PatKirby
    These are characteristics exhibited mostly by immature girls and to witness them still prevalent in to their adulthood is disconcerting. On the bright side, European and South American women have mastered these skills much earlier in life and thus present themselves to be much higher quality choices. Slim, fit, intelligent, incredibly feminine and just plain make you feel good to be around. Men don't waste your valuable time, date foreign - you won't regret it.
    • That is a false narrative about dating a foreign women is somehow those women don't exist. Evil women are in abundance all over the world.

  • fashionguy17
    Good take... but these are the types I avoid:

    1. The woman who lives on social media and posts every 10 minutes.

    2. The woman who takes a million selfies a day.

    3. The girl who is always partying and is drunk at all these parties.

    4. The girl who is always out 24/7 and never goes home.

    5. Oh... and my favorite... the "there's no good men out there" women... but they have no problem dating a complete bum.

    The irony of 1-5 is that all of these all relate to each other in some way or another. Those the types of women you don't want to get with.
    • roland77

      See, you got yourself 1 female down-vote. :-) And hey, those are the women I always want to avoid, including gold-diggers. There ARE good and bad women and men but that doesn't mean that all are BAD because a few/more are.

    • @roland77 Meh... there's always that "one"... the woman who disagrees because I've pointed out some of her flaws and she doesn't like it. LMAO.

    • roland77

      Yes, reconsidering yourself by making a step back and take a little distant look on what you do.

  • Gedaria
    All I can see is these women know their mind and do it. And don't take the rubbish coming out of a guys mouth...
  • Lilylolo88
    This sounds like the sort of thing someone who marries a sex doll would say... Just saying...
    • roland77

      You got yourself 2 female down-votes... Just saying.

  • Nadim171
    I really disagree with the "non submissive" one. If a girl is submissive there is no way in hell I'd date her
    • roland77

      Same here and same with dominant women, I hope?

  • morrowlow
    too many women that i know have all these flaws. and i avoid all of them
  • Kaazsz
    This is all based on evolutionary psychology and it’s pretty bogus. Just be rational human beings. That’s all that’s needed. The idea that females should submit is cultural. We are all human beings who are conscious of reality. We are able to think rationally and act accordingly, because of the fact that we are conscious of our reality.

    Some people still live like animals and think like animals. This post is for those people. But not everyone is like that. Many people realize we are rational and able to make rational decisions.

    These ideas about males and females having some sort of evolutionarily obtained sexual structure is bogus. And that’s what all of this is based on.
    • roland77

      "We think to much, we feel to little." Remember please that one.

    • Kaazsz

      An emotion is an automatic response, an automatic effect of man’s value premises. An effect, not a cause. There is no necessary clash, no dichotomy between man’s reason and his emotions—provided he observes their proper relationship. A rational man knows—or makes it a point to discover—the source of his emotions, the basic premises from which they come; if his premises are wrong, he corrects them. He never acts on emotions for which he cannot account, the meaning of which he does not understand. In appraising a situation, he knows why he reacts as he does and whether he is right. He has no inner conflicts, his mind and his emotions are integrated, his consciousness is in perfect harmony. His emotions are not his enemies, they are his means of enjoying life. But they are not his guide; the guide is his mind. This relationship cannot be reversed, however. If a man takes his emotions as the cause and his mind as their passive effect, if he is guided by his emotions and uses his mind only to rationalize or justify them somehow—then he is acting immorally, he is condemning himself to misery, failure, defeat, and he will achieve nothing but destruction—his own and that of others.

    • Kaazsz

      Taken from the Ayn Rand lexicon. Ayn Rand integrates emotion into rationality, in what I believe is the correct way.

      Emotions are not discarded as unneeded products of evolution. Emotions are very important and they help guide you. Ayn Rand goes deep into this in her philosophy.

      I believe she’s right. But I don’t do it justice. One wouldn’t think Ayn Rand, or any person who values rationality would also value emotion. I can’t explain it, as you would literally have to read her work. But I think she’s correct. She definitely highly values emotion, but it’s hard to explain why lol.

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  • bamesjond0069
    I agree with these. Dresses like a ho and non submissive attitude are my personal main dealbreakers.
    • roland77

      Being dominant is causing a confluence, best is being equal but being an expert and leader in a specific area of relationships and house-holding. Like: She washes dishes, he vacuum-cleans the house. Shared and "specialized" work!

    • @roland77 Being equal never works because its basically impossible to do. Nor do I think anyone actually finds that attractive.

    • roland77

      @bamesjond0069 Equal on eye-height but not equal in sharing work. Be a "leading specialist" in some field at home.

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  • Dargil
    Although this may fit in your others,
    Any female who emits even the slightest hint of Social Justice and Feminist misandry.
    Stereotypical, sarcastic slurs about men, words like "patriarchy", etc. Set your detector on its most sensitive. Have sex with them if you must but do not procreate or let them raise or teach children. Research their employment and academic backgrounds with a fine tooth comb and remember: Even the most absurd allegation can ruin your life. No pussy is worth that, and that's all most of these women have. Better to stock up on sex toys.
    • ronaldo75

      I have 2 SJW "hate all cis men" girls that have crushes on me at the moment and while they're both cute I wouldn't DARE make a move.

    • Dargil

      @ronaldo75 They have to do it. And even then, they can still bite. An inferior lay can become rape.

    • kim45456

      So it is ok to be antiwoman but not ok to be a feminist?

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  • Liam_Hayden
    I don't think I know any woman who has never exhibited at least one of these.
  • Arumin_Ian
    How the hell are you alive ! I thought feminists would raise an army to kill you !!!
    • roland77

      Still alive, even they threaten me with blocking me. Boy, am I glad they did. Good reason to block them back.

  • Bebuccia
    In love, it's all relative and very subjective. There's no universal recipe of what you must avoid or not. Speaking of myself, I have quite a strong non-submissive attitude, and my professional career is pretty much the focus of my life - meaning some people could define me as "a workaholic woman with an attitude". I have a boyfriend since 2 years, he loves me, I love him and our relationship is very happy. He's not a doormat, I seriously hate that kind of guys. He has his own opinions, we have discussions (sometimes heated), but he fell in love with me also out of fascination with my strong character and my vision of life. So we find a halfway point where we meet and make our relationship function very well. We talk about marriage and he recently bought a flat for us to move in together, so I guess it's pretty serious. :)
    • He bought a flat so you can sponge off of him. Way to be "liberated".

  • crazy8000
    Very reasonable to want from a partner and yes it exists a lot of them.
    Not really my type with some of the traits.
    Can't stand submissive female's = passive.
    That doesn't mean I'm in to dominating one's eater since that's a o overcompensating treat grom insecure submissive one.

    Hot head is hot in some ways and of in others.

    Sarcasm tends to be toxic since it's used in wrong situations in the wrong way.

    Never home screams lack of interest and investment in relationship.

    Doesn't know when to shut up can be a relief as much as toxic.
  • ThisAndThat
    My advice? Avoid dating, avoid relationships, avoid marriage. Go MGTOW 4 life.
  • Shamalien
    So now the question is... where the hell does one find a woman that doesn't fall into these categories?
    • LOL.. from God.

      Proverbs 19:14:

      Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers,
      But a prudent wife is from the Lord.

    • Shamalien

      well the lord doesn't have much of a presence in this world anymore my friend especially not where I live, so I don't know where to look

    • kim45456

      Another sexist man hoe.

  • Blondi_mom92
    Yeah I don’t know about what you’re saying but the girl in first pic has a pretty smile
    • The “give me your money for a BJ” smile you mean?

    • Sarah Geller in a movie "Cruel intentions".
      She's a crush from my teenage years...

  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • Harmseygrace
    I agree
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Nice mytake
  • GreatnessBack
    Sounds about right.
  • anononon123
    There's no reason to marry any woman
  • CT_CD
    I agree
  • esotericstory
    Nice mytake.