My girlfriend suddenly hates me?

I've talked to this girl in a long distance sort of thing for 6 months. At first I sort of liked her, but half way through she became obsessed. Good morning texts every day, would never leave me alone, and honestly I liked it!

We could not get along any better if we tried and were planning on meeting in the coming months (This is just the back story, not really much to do with the problem).

Recently she said she has some type of bump on her body and that she got the results back.

I said - Is it a tumor, she said no. Is it a cyst, she said no.

My dad's a doctor, and I asked about every possible thing it could be, I even asked him. There is literally nothing I did not ask.

She tells me this has her stressed out, but I'm beginning to believe she's doing it for attention.

Now, she is using this as an excuse to be edgy towards me.

Giving me short answers, SNAPPING when I ask simple things. I tell her how much I care about her, and while a month ago I'd get a paragraph back from her telling me how much she does too, now she just barley responds.

I wrote to her and told her how much I cared about her and she said "That's a little much". This was WAY WAY WAY out of character. And I said "Well gee, no I'm embarrassed".

Guess what the response was...

"Don't worry about it, man".

Should I just move on?

This is the first time in my life where I can actually say that in a relationship I did not fuck up. I did not cause trouble or drama. Within' a week she changed from loving to careless, and claims it's because of this mystery medical problem...
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Also, I gave her a break and went away for a few days and when I came back she was even more upset. She tells me she loves talking to me and that I make her happy, but recently has just wanted nothing to do with me.
My girlfriend suddenly hates me?
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