Has anybody here ever played Roshambo? do you even know what it is?

I'm 19 and been taking Karate for almost 6 years.
Both of my younger (14&16) sisters take it now too.
Groin kicks in Karate are illegal, except in the advanced belts.
They both know this, as do I. We are taught how to do ball kicks for self defense only.
They have also seen how it hurts guys.
So at the beginning of this school year my youngest sister gets in this Roshambo contest where girls and guys crotch kick each other to see who falls down first and can't get up.
Now, we all know who has the advantage here. XD
Lauren kicked this guy soo hard he was out of school for two days or something like that.
When I found out I jumped all over her, and thought she had learned her lesson.
Now I found out she never really stopped, still does it, even with her older sister as a team.
I am soo upset about this, and really don't know who to blame more, the girls that do it, or the guys that let them.
by the way They also recorded it and someone posted one of the episodes on YT I'm hearing.
I looked on their accounts and didn't find it. They better not post it.
What do you think?
I have played Roshambo.
I have not played Roshambo
I have not played but would if I could.
I haven't played but have seen it.
I would never play.
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Has anybody here ever played Roshambo? do you even know what it is?
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