How long does a Girl's crush last?

Here is the story.

10 years ago when a girl was a Senior and I was a Freshman in college, we hung out together. We talked about how we had "feelings" for each other. I told her bluntly that I wasn't sure what I wanted and that I was confused after hanging out with her because I thought I liked another girl back at college. Well, a few months later, the girl found out through a casual conversation that I was seeing someone after I went away to college. She got angry and said "I never want to speak to you again."

I reached out to her best friend saying I felt bad. her bestie said it was okay and that she was a sensative Christian (im not religious). Low and behold, her best friend and i had chemistry. We date for a total of a year casually but monogamous. There was one break in between when I moved out of state. Then her best friend dumped me and I was devastated because I loved her.

Flash forward 10 years later...2017. We are grown up. The girl gets hired at my company. At her first corporate meeting she comes up to me smiling. She said hi & gave a hug. I was shocked. Then this week, we chatted after another meeting. I 4 some reason guessed right that her dad was 70 now. We chatted but I felt a weird energy vibe. She started bringing up us going to eat together 10 years ago. I had forgotten. Did she think it was a date?

Then leaving the mtg. room her 2 feet faced me and she said outloud she wanted a hug and threw both arms up laughing. My boss was in the room! I turned sideways and gave a side hug. I was starting to get turned on? I dont know why because her being religion bothers me. I dont want an innocent chic. she's too sensitive. But I am attracted. Now Im scared because she is still best friends with the girl that I fell in love with. She knows every embarrassing thing! Im trying to avoid her at work because I'm afraid people might notice this vibe we have together.

Is this girl over me? How long do girl crushes last? Im very conflicted.
How long does a Girl's crush last?
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